Things you need to get started

What you will need:

  1. A blender to blend make your smoothie with
  2. A juicer that leaves the pulp in your juice.
  3. Citicoline – Used to help offset psychoactive effects of cannabis oil
  4. Small amount of 190 proof grain alcohol ( can be bought in South Africa).
  5. Non Lignon Flax Seed Oil
  6. 10cc Oral syringe (ask at local pharmacy)
  7. 1cc Oral Syringe (should have one already).
  8. Cannabis Oil
  9. Powdered or Liquid Lecithin
  10. Low Fat Cottage Cheese

There are a few things you can also do to help.

1) Apricot seeds. Just need to eat 3-4 seeds a day. Warning they are bitter. This helps to increase your B17 vitamin.

2) 45 minutes per day of direct sunlight.  I found it is best to start a small herb garden & work on it every day to get this direct sunlight.  (Vitamin B2 & B3)

3) A Body Detoxify, but consult your doctor first.

4) A liver flush, but consult your doctor first.