Foods to avoid when you have cancer

So know that you know a little more about it & have taken some time to do some research.  Lets get started in what we need to do to get started.

What to avoid while taking this protocol / Diet

  1. Do NOT take Protocel, Cantron, Entlev or Cancell (all are registered trademarks). These products work in the opposite manner as the Budwig Protocol and may offset the Budwig Diet.
  2. Do NOT take any product with Paw Paw or Graviola. This includes Amazon Factor Protocol. These plants also lower ATP energy and may offset the Budwig Diet.
  3. Do NOT take Vitamin C within 4 hours of the Budwig diet.
  4. Do NOT take Eniva Vibe liquid.
  5. No Pork of any kind  (due to their digestive system, it makes the meat toxic)
  6. No Seafood of any kind (lobsters, clams, shrimp, Catfish, farm raised fish, or fish without fins & scales) (again due to their digestive system)
  7. No Hydrogenated or transfat oils – instead use cold pressed oils or virgin coconut oil.
  8. No chips, deep fried foods or store bought pastries
  9. No Fizzy soft drinks
  10. No white bread or white pasta – try spelt bread & spelt pasta, look for sprouted spelt or rye bread, also you can try whole grain rye, oat & multigrain as long as the bread does not contain sugar.  Sour dough bread is allowed.
  11. No Corn products due to mould & GMO’s
  12. Avoid dairy except the cottage cheese or yogurt in the budwig protocol ( and a little milk or yogurt to thin it if needed) & 2 oz of cheese per day
  13. No butter, try Oleolux instead
  14. No commercial Ice creams ( due to processing)
  15. No refined sugar, maple syrup, or molasses – these sugars feed cancer
  16. No black tea or coffee – due to toxins it creates in the body.
  17. No soy products or milk, except naturally fermented soy sauce. Due to GMO’s
  18. No processed foods – due to unhealthy amounts of salt & sugar
  19. No microwaved foods – destroys the healthy properties of food
  20. No cooking with teflon coated pots & pans – teflon wears off & can get in your food.
  21. No aluminum cookware or aluminum foil – instead use enamel coated cookware, stainless steel, cast iron, glass, or corning cookware.  Due to metal contamination.
  22. No processed cocoa or chocolates – due to sugar content.  Make your own.
  23. Eggs are not recommended, but if you do then they should be poached or soft boiled.
  24. No frozen Meat, no fatty cuts, no cured meats, no processed meats, no well done meats, avoid red meats as much as possible.
  25. No Alcohol, beer or wine.
  26. No gravy, ketchup, pickles, Guacamole, store bought salsa, store bought pesto
  27. No bitter almonds, papaya seeds, or peanuts.
  28. No Microwave popcorn
  29. No canned foods, especially tomatoes – due to the lining in the can
  30. No pickled or smoked foods
  31. No genetically modified foods (all natural / organic only)
  32. No artifical sweeteners (stevia & honey are ok)
  33. No diet or low fat foods that include hidden artifical sweeteners
  34. No non organic fruits or vegetables
  35. No table salt – use sea salt instead