The refrigerator problems had us selling everything quickly

One of the worst problems that can occur in a business is the loss of power.

When there are significant storms, sometimes the power is out for hours at a time. This is the entire reason why the owner of this particular cannabis dispensary decided to invest in a generator large enough to supply power to the entire cannabis dispensary. I knew it was going to be an expensive project. My husband is an electrician and he has been installing this type of equipment for 20 years. The owner of the cannabis shop went ahead and purchased a generator. We had several winter storms last year and when the power was out, we were one of the only people in town that still had heat and lights. This was very good for sales, especially when we were the only open cannabis dispensary in town. Unfortunately, we have experienced a few problems with the generator this year. It’s hard to believe that the one-year-old machine is already experiencing trouble, but there was a storm last Saturday and the generator failed to take over when the power was out. The snow from the blizzard was so heavy and wet that it caused problems on the power lines. One of the power lines in town had problems and the power to the dispensary was cut. When the generator failed to work properly, we were stuck only with power to certain parts of the building. The refrigerator where all of the cannabis concentrate is kept was not one of the areas that had power. We didn’t want all of the cannabis concentrate to go bad due to the electric problems, so we immediately had a flash sale and everything was 20% off.


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It’s easy to accidentally eat too many cannabis candy products

I hate that I am so addicted to eating candy.

It probably started when my grandparents would give me Snicker’s bars whenever my parents left me at their house for the afternoon.

Now I have such a serious problem with candy that I’m having to brush my teeth more than a normal person to keep my oral hygiene in check. But beyond my teeth, these candies are simply empty calories. I really need to lose a few pounds, but eating all of this candy every week is preventing that from happening. I might go for a bike ride and burn off calories only to get them back later in the evening with my mindless snacking. With this in mind, I have tried to avoid any delicious tasting marijuana edibles out of fear that I won’t be able to control myself once I taste them. I was particularly worried about this happening if I ever started buying cannabis candy products like THC and CBD gummies. My worry was eating one piece of candy and then going through an entire package of cannabis candies before realizing my mistake. If you have gummies with 10mg of THC inside and you eat over 10, that’s a massive dose of THC! People with insane tolerances for cannabis might be able to handle that, but over 40mg of THC is already too much for me. I’m going to stick with smoking and vaping cannabis to avoid this problem altogether, and because cannabis flower products are cheaper in my state than most cannabis edibles. In terms of how much THC you get in a package of flower buds, there’s just no comparison. Using cannabis flower products is not only better because they’re full spectrum, but because they’re more economical as well.

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Local cannabis dispensaries sometimes have events for patients

Now that my wife and I are finally vaccinated and the numbers are dropping in our area, I feel much safer about leaving the house and going out to have fun.

We can visit the beach as long as we’re mindful of our distance from other people. Many of these people still refuse a vaccine for a virus that makes the worst vaccine side-effects look like a walk in the park. As long as we wear our masks whenever we’re indoors or in close proximity to crowds, we feel much more secure about going out and having fun. During this time we took advantage of all the new medical cannabis stores that have opened in our city since the start of the pandemic. Originally we only had access to three medical cannabis dispensaries and only one of them sold high quality edibles, flower products, and CBD oil. Now we have seven different cannabis stores within the city limits and some of them are fantastic. This weekend one of those medical weed stores is having a cannabis event for their patients and anyone looking to get a medical marijuana card. They announced that there will be food, live music, booths with CBD and drink vendors, as well as information for getting a medical marijuana card. It’s a great opportunity to meet some of the budtenders from the medical cannabis store and talk with them about some of the strains and products being sold in the dispensary. Unfortunately we only have medical cannabis in this state so they can’t hand out joints or anything like that, but it’s still worth an hour or two out of your weekend if you’re not busy with other plans.

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The marijuana dispensary is a professional setting

When someone mentions the word marijuana dispensary, I highly doubt the image in your head is that of a classy, professional looking place.

No, most people will probably be thinking of some dark alleyway, where people secretly exchange cannabis products and cash. Although marijuana is legal in my state, that image continues to persist in a lot of people’s heads, and since there is still a lot of misinformation about cannabis and cannabis products, it is really hard to provide cannabis education. I will admit, I was just like everyone else for a long time, I thought that all of the places were the same, and that anyone who visited a cbd store had something wrong with them. It wasn’t until some of my family members started using it that I realized how wrong I was. When my dad first started using medical marijuana products, I was still skeptical, but what changed my mind was actually visiting the medical marijuana store. I was expecting the same image in my head that everyone else had, but to my surprise, what awaited me was a very professional and clean looking shop. They even had their own cannabis product menu, which looked similar to a diner menu. Even the cannabis budtenders were really friendly and informative, not at all like the sketchy people I was imagining. I started being more mindful of my thoughts as I realized I guess I had judged too soon, and it made me wonder what else had I perhaps judged too soon.


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I didn’t want anyone to know I was vaping

I grew up in a family that looked down upon smoking.

I can understand why, since I have had family members that used to smoke and have bad health effects because of it.

So when I started vaping with my friends, I knew I couldn’t let them know. The thing is, I wasn’t smoking with tobacco products, I was actually using vape products for marijuana. My parents are completely and utterly against anything having to do with cannabis. It doesn’t matter if it is medical marijuana or not, they were completely against it. So when I started using cannabis products, I knew it was something I was going to have to hide. The thing is marijuana has a lot of benefits, and the reason why I vape a lot of the time is because it helps me calm down. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed by my surrounding environment I shut down. When I vape though, it goes away and I am able to take a deep breath and just relax for once. But I know how my parents are, and since they would never accept me using it, even if I had medical uses for cannabis, I have to hide this from them. I should mention that marijuana is not illegal in my state, so it’s not like I am doing anything wrong. I just hope that maybe as medical marijuana products become more popular, maybe they will accept the fact that I use vape products. Until then I will have to keep pretending like I look down on everyone who smokes as well.


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All kinds of cannabis products

So one time when I was visiting my father took me to the marijuana dispensary to show me what it was like.

I should have known that even with marijuana, there is a ton of variety. It seems like everything has a ton of options to choose from, which is good and bad. It’s good because it gives you a lot to choose from, but it’s bad because it gives you a lot to choose from. It has been shown that people are not very good at making decisions when provided a lot of options. So while people may like to choose from a lot of available products, it might not always be the best thing. Anyways I am talking about this subject because recently my father has been using medical marijuana. In my state, medical cannabis is legalized, and after suffering from the same issue for years, my father has turned to medical marijuana products for help. He has been using cannabis flower products for awhile now, and because of curiosity, I wondered what it was like to visit a cannabis store. So one time when I was visiting my father took me to the marijuana dispensary to show me what it was like. This is the wide variety part I was talking about, because on their cannabis product menu, they listed cannabis tropicals, cannabis gummies, cannabis drinks and even cannabis candy products. I was amazed at many things you can mix marijuana in. My dad had it made, he could choose from a wide variety of different products. Although I don’t see a need for medical cannabis, it is good to have my options open.

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Learning how to get a medical marijuana card

The store was very professional looking, not like the shady, dimly lit place you were probably thinking of

For a long time, marijuana was not legal in my state. Not even medical marijuana, so when I heard of people trying to make changes to the law and allow medical cannabis I was in full support. I was even more pleased and surprised when laws were passed to allow medical marijuana products. I immediately started to search up how to get a medical marijuana card to learn about medical marijuana. The reason is because I have had multiple issues over the last few years, and I have seen 5 doctors, none of them were able to help me. One of them told me that medical cannabis would probably help, but at that time, it was still illegal. So when I finally heard news of it no longer being illegal, I was one of the first in line to get my card. Before getting my card, I had to learn medical marijuana information, medical marijuana rules and medical marijuana regulations. I guess this was to prevent it from being abused. Thankfully, once I learned everything I was successfully able to get my card and visit a medical cannabis store for the first time. The store was very professional looking, not like the shady, dimly lit place you were probably thinking of. The truth is, it looked like any other store. I took a while to browse and I was greeted by the friendly staff and budtender, who helped me choose what I wanted. I went in and purchased my products, and I will be trying them later tonight.



Visiting a medical marijuana dispensary

So instead, the doctor recommended a more natural method, which was medical marijuana.

I knew I was always the odd one out in my group, this was especially made obvious whenever my friends visited a cannabis dispensary. All of my friends used medical marijuana for various reasons, all except me that is. So I always felt a little weird going with them, since I really couldn’t relate. It wasn’t until I started having back pain did my friends recommend that I go and see a doctor to see how to get a medical marijuana card. I took the time to learn about medical marijuana regulations and medical marijuana rules. But after I felt I knew enough, I went to a doctor to see what they could do. I told them I wasn’t interested in trying most medications, because I didn’t want to worry about the potentially serious side effects. I am one of the rare people that is in the 1-2% chance of a serious side effect happening in most medications. So instead, the doctor recommended a more natural method, which was medical marijuana. So I visited the same medical cannabis store my friends go to, and for once I could join them and not feel awkward. My friends were really helpful and informed me of all of the different types I could choose from. There are cannabis tropicals, cannabis drinks, cannabis gummies and cannabis candy products! There was so much to choose from, so I started with cannabis drinks and cannabis gummies. It will be interesting to see how medical cannabis will change my life for the better.




It was my sister that taught me about medical cannabis

I look back at my past self and cringe a bit.

I wasn’t exactly the best person, and while I knew what I was saying was hurtful, I didn’t really care, nor did I realize the impact I was actually having.

It wasn’t until I was in the very same position myself, that I began to understand. My sister has been suffering from headaches and migraines since she was young. I remember her having them while we were growing up. She used to take medication for the migraines, but they had some weird effects on her, and she would become spaced out and stare off into oblivion for hours. It was strange, I didn’t mind her taking the medication though, it was when I found out that she was taking medical marijuana that I was appalled and offended by. Didn’t she realize that marijuana was only for low class people? It got to the point where we started fighting, and then stopped talking. Years passed and then I started getting migraines myself. I tried all of the same medications that my sister tried, and had the same effect, they made me feel horrible! My migraines began to get to the point of where I would lay in my room and cry. I turned to medical cannabis as a last resort. Even as I was visiting the medical marijuana store I looked down on all of the people there, and knew there was no way that medical cannabis would help me. I was wrong, very wrong at that. I used cbd products, and they reduce my migraines significantly. Now I visit a cbd store quite frequently for my medical uses for cbd. I had a lot of apologizing to my sister to do, but we did make up.



The new guy is really arrogant and pushy

My boss recently hired a new guy to work at the cannabis shop.

I don’t care for him much at all. I think the new guy is really arrogant and pushy. I don’t like his attitude. a customer came to the store several days ago and the new guy got into an argument with the patient. He was there to purchase medical marijuana supplies and the new budtender was being rude and unhelpful. When the budtender stepped away from the desk to grab the items, the customer made a complaint about his customer service skills. I told the manager about the complaint and she told me that she would handle it. The next day, the guy was still acting like a jerk. I decided to talk to the manager again. I waited until the guy went to lunch and then I went to the manager’s office. The door was ajar, so I opened it up to walk inside. That’s when I saw her making out with the new guy. She looked very surprised to see me, and she offered some lies as an explanation for what was happening. I’m not six, so I knew they were making out. She can say he tripped or had something in his eye, but I know the truth now. Of course she isn’t going to fire that guy or give him a written warning, because they are clearly sleeping together. It is certainly against the rules to date anyone at work and I bet they were dating before she hired him to work in the store. It’s no wonder she doesn’t care about his arrogance and attitude.

Marijuana delivery

I thought the blue dream carts were on sale too

On Tuesday morning I went to the dispensary before my shift at the grocery store. I wanted to pick out some flour for the week. Dried flower is my favorite way to consume cannabis. I’ve tried several other ways of consuming cannabis like vaping and edibles, but smoking dried flower is my preferred method. I love the taste of marijuana and I like the way it smells when it is burning. I stopped at the dispensary on Tuesday Morning hoping to purchase 1/2 oz of sativa flower. When I walked into the store, the budtender told me that all of the blue dream products were on sale. I was pretty excited about the Blue Dream sale, because it is one of my favorite sativa strains. I picked out a half ounce of Blue Dream and I also purchased a disposable vape pen in the strain Blue Dream as well. I got the total for my order from the girl at the counter and it was significantly higher than I expected. I asked her to explain the billing and she told me that the Blue Dream disposable pen wasn’t part of the blue dreams sale. Only the flower products were 20% off. I was disappointed by the news and I decided to cancel the carts when I found out that they weren’t on sale. I was only purchasing the extra items because of the sale and I really had no need for the extra cannabis products at home. The dried blue dream flower was 24%THC, and one of the better batches I’ve purchased from the shop.

Cannabis delivery service

The driver had the wrong address in the GPS

I ordered marijuana supplies from a dispensary downtown.

The place promised delivery within an hour.

I ordered the items at 5:30 in the afternoon. I knew it was going to be difficult to get the items here within an hour, but I didn’t mind waiting a little longer. Around 6 PM, I received a telephone call from an unknown number. I decided to answer the call and I am glad that I did. It was the delivery driver. He claimed that he was at the address and no one was at home. I told the guy that was impossible, because I was standing in the doorway at the time. The driver confirmed the address and that’s when we noticed the problem. The address for my home is 717 Walnut Street and the guy put Walnut Avenue in the GPS locator. He was several neighborhoods away from my home and still a 10 or 15 minute drive. The guy apologized for the confusion and told me that it would be about 10 minutes. 8 minutes later, the driver arrived and it was still less than an hour for the delivery. All of my cannabis items were inside the bag and nothing was missing. I even received a 10% discount on all of the items in the bag, because it was my first time placing a delivery order. I saved about $20 on everything in the bag and I gave that money to the driver for his prompt service and fast thinking. I really couldn’t believe the driver arrived in less than an hour, even after getting lost.


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The delivery guy came to my work address

My wife and I both use medical marijuana, but we don’t share that with all of our friends and family.

  • We certainly don’t tell people at work, because a lot of folks have different opinions on medical and recreational marijuana.

It helps with my anxiety and it helps my wife with postpartum depression. She had a baby 2 months ago and she is having a difficult time with the emotional effects. I was at work on Tuesday and she called with a special request. She asked me to order some medical cannabis supplies from the dispensary and have them delivered to the house. I was happy to help, because I knew my wife had her hands full at home. I went online to our favorite dispensary and I placed the order. I only purchased a couple of things to make my wife feel more comfortable and relaxed that day. About 30 minutes after I placed the order, someone at the front desk of the office said I had a delivery. I didn’t think for a second that it would be the dispensary. I walked to the lobby and I saw the guy with the small brown bag in his hand. He wasn’t wearing any clothing with the name of the dispensary, so there was no way anyone would have known that he was delivering medical marijuana. I politely told the guy that he came to the wrong address, but he couldn’t take the items back to the store. My poor wife was stuck at home and I had the pot at the office.


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