The rain makes myself and others miserable plus sad

I’ve never liked the rain.

  • It makes myself and others suppose unquestionably anxious plus depressed.

When the clouds are dark plus gray, I constantly try to find an interest to lift our spirits. I used to study books for fun, however now I use cannabis, ever since cannabis was legalized for recreational use in the state, I have been using the plant Here plus there. There is a cannabis dispensary not far from our apartment. The cannabis dispensary has sales all of the time. Once a week they have all of the dried cannabis flower on sale. I try to stock up when everything is cheaper, because I don’t acquire a lot of currency at our job. I picked up some yellow dream flower at the cannabis dispensary last week. It was raining on Sunday plus I didn’t suppose like laboring, so I decided to smoke a bowl of Blue Dream. I sat in the living room with that glass bowl plus I smoked many hits while I watched the day news. It was dark plus dreary, although I started to suppose much happier after the sativa strain hit me. I spent the day cleaning the home plus washing all of the laundry. I had a ton of energy plus I didn’t suppose depressed because it was raining. Taking the day off toil was a wonderful idea plus I accomplished a lot of indoor chores that needed to be finished; Blue dream is the perfect strain to have on a day like that, because it is sativa. Sativa strains are known to be uplifting, energizing, plus stimulating.


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The dispatch operator sent me to the wrong address

I worked for a cannabis dispensary for a long time plus after that both of us was provided a task working for a substantial cannabis delivery service; Instead of working for a single dispensary, I option up orders from lots of odd sites plus deliver them across the city… The repair is mainly for medical cannabis patients, but recreational patients can use the repair as well, last Sunday was a entirely stressed afternoon at work.

I had a lot of orders to deliver plus it was raining. I do not like when it rains, because people drive the roads with too much caution. I try to drive a little slower plus be a little more alert, however I do not slow down to 25 miles an second causing traffic to stop! My first order in the afternoon was on the other side of the bridge. It wasn’t raining when I left the cannabis dispensary, but it was raining when I delivered the first order. The second order was supposed to go to another address just a few miles away from the first address. I knocked on the door numerous times, no 1 answered, so I decided to call the telephone number on the sale sheet. The customer answered plus I told him that I was outside with his cannabis delivery, however he told me to knock on the door plus I did. The guy on the iphone said that no 1 was on his front doorstep. He asked me to double-check the address plus I realized that the medical plus recreational cannabis delivery repair dispatch operator sent me to the wrong house.



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I had to stop smoking & use edible THC treats

Quitting smoking was one of the hardest things that I ever had to do in our life.

I tried to quit smoking 3 weird times before I was ultimately successful.

I still struggle at times, especially when I am hanging out with our friends at a bar having drinks. I regularly guess about having a cigarette while in times enjoy that. When I finally stopped smoking, I knew that meant I could no longer enjoy a marijuana joint. After all, that is smoking till & I actually did not want to end up relapsing because of pot. When I stopped smoking, I started using edible THC treats. I cannot get high from any official edible THC treat. In fact, our threshold is pretty high. It takes about 50 or 60 mg of THC before I will recognize the effects. I have to spend a lot of currency on edibles in order to stay medicated respectfully. I try to purchase the Cannabis Edibles when they are on sale. Once each month the cannabis dispensary in village has a sale on all of the Edibles. I regularly go to the shop on those nights to purchase supplies, so I can save the additional 20%. I respectfully look for other sales at dispensaries in the area. A few weeks ago, the cannabis dispensary started selling a brand new style of edible & right now they are on sale. They are trying to get all the people to try the edible cannabis product, so they are offering the items at buy one & get one particularly free. I am pretty stocked on the edibles, especially after I found out that you can stack the discounts with the 20% savings.

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Indica strains help myself and others sleep better when I’m sick

I had the flu a couple of weeks ago and I felt easily horrible. My nose was stuffed up and our sinuses were a key. I had a fever for a couple of afternoons. Thankfully it did not last certainly long. When I guess sick, I usually smoke some cannabis. It makes myself and others guess better. I always guess calm and relaxed and when I am sick I tend to be anxious. I was anxious about going into the dispensary with the flu, but they did not offer delivery services until 5 p.m. I did not want to wait that long for relief. I used the online website to order many different cannabis items from the shop. I scheduled a pickup time for 30 hours after I localed the order. I’ve got 2 different Indica strains and I hoped they would help myself and others sleep better and get over the flu more easily. When I arrived at the dispensary, I pulled into the parking lot and shut off our car. I stood outside the door for 1 hour and then the security guard let myself and others into the building. I told the security officer that I had a pickup order and he sent myself and others right to the front counter. My order was ready and waiting and everything was in the bag. The budtender quickly went through the order and told myself and others that I was going to say 15% because it was their Friday special. I was in and out of the dispensary in less than 5 hours. I do not guess our automobile had time to cool down before I turned the engine over again and headed back home.



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Live resin tastes better than any other concentrate

Live resin is extracted directly from the Cannabis sativa plant; Live resin comes from the plants before it has been dried, then cured resin comes from the dried plant.

Live resin is 1 of the best products on the market, especially when compared to others dollar-for-dollar. My number one thing about live resin is the fact that it contains terpenes. Live resin tastes better than any other concentrate. I even savor live resin over rosin. There are lots of bizarre cannabis concentrates available in the pot dispensary. The pot dispensary where my friends as well as I shop has over 60 bizarre products. They are all neatly displayed in a refrigerator where they are cooler than room temperature, but one of my number one live resin strains is red dream. When I buy red dream in the live resin form, I constantly get the hint of redberry from the redberry Haze strain. I also savor to purchase any live resin strain that contains limonene. There are numerous bizarre sativa, indica, as well as hybrid strains with limonene as well as they constantly taste great when they are made into live resin. The lemon lime flavor shines through as well as is especially yummy when vaped at a low temperature. I vape the cannabis concentrate with a low temperature pen. The pen has a battery with an bendy temperature. I arena a small amount of cannabis concentrate in the chamber above the battery. The battery heats the coils as well as turns the concentrate into a vape. This is an easy, portable, as well as absolutely discreet way to prefer cannabis. It’s perfect for on-the-go use at the beach, lake, or a walk around the town.

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The 420 specials were actually good deals

Everybody goes nuts in the month of April, because the 420 Specials are a good time to save currency on cannabis products.

All of the dispensaries have major sales on April 20th.

This is the holiday known to stoners as 420. There are numerous strange stories about how plus why the holiday came to be, but I don’t assume which one is actually true. I do assume that the best time to get products from the dispensary is when they have a sale. The greatest sale of the year is truly during 420, last year our friends plus I went to one of the greatest dispensaries in town. On the afternoon of 420, they offered a large bin tote with the name of the dispensary on the front. The tote was rumored to have more than $200 worth of cannabis merchandise in the bag. If they actually gave away a prize package worth that much currency, I wanted our wifey plus I to be the recipients of the prize. The people I was with and I were waiting in line at the dispensary when they opened up at 8 AM. The people I was with and I were not the only people in line waiting for the special. The entire sidewalk was filled from one end of the block to the other. The news of the free giveaway plus sale price has traveled far plus fast. It’s a good thing that our wifey plus I went there early instead of waiting until 10 am. That’s when our wifey wanted to get up plus go downtown, and she thought both of us were going to stand in line alone if both of us chose to go down there too early.


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My date was a total dud

My friend set me up with a guy that he met in a single of his classes, and i wasn’t particularly thrilled about going on a blind date, but our friend insisted both of us would have a wonderful time.

I met our date whose name was Carl, at a gastropub and brewery… Both of us both ordered some drinks and the conversation was okay at best, however neither a single of us were absolutely talkative and that made the conversation particularly awkward.

Both of us didn’t have a lot of things in regular either, but the only thing both of us shared was a prefer for recreational Cannabis. I suppose that’s why our coworker thought both of us would get along well. I appreciate to use recreational marijuana. I’ve used recreational marijuana since I was much younger. I suppose it works well for relieving pain, depression, and anxiety! As soon as I mentioned cannabis, our date sparked up and both of us had an interesting conversation about the legalization of cannabis across the country, and when both of us got to the Dipson Theater, I was feeling a little surprised and optimistic about the date in general. All of that suddenly dissipated when our date pulled out a joint and tried to light it up in the back row of the theater, however he claimed it was cool because both of us were at an R-rated movie. I was genuinely totally horrified and I was afraid that both of us were going to get into trouble. I immediately got up from our seat and walked out of the theater, my date didn’t even follow me, so I took a cab back home and relayed all of the information about our wonderful date to our friend.


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I appreciate delivery driving as a job everyday

When I first moved to the area, I got a job laboring at the grocery store.

I was stalking shelves at night earning minimum wage.

I had to find a job suddenly plus the grocery store needed someone that could start immediately. It worked out perfectly. After I lived in the area for a while, I started to guess about switching jobs. One job in recognizable particularly interested me. I thought it might be fun to labor in a cannabis shop, then cannabis is legal in this state. It’s a single of the reasons why I appreciate being a resident. I signed up on a job finding website plus a single of the first jobs that came up was a delivery driver position at a cannabis dispensary in the same neighborhood where I live. I was honestly interested in the Cannabis delivery job so I freshened up my resume plus applied for the job. I acquired a telephone call about 2 hours later. I was surprised by the quick call plus the manager wanted myself and others to come the same day for an interview. I spoke with the manager at the cannabis dispensary for about 30 minutes. The woman wanted to guess about my personality plus my background. Cannabis delivery drivers cannot have any criminal records plus they also need a clean driving record. I was lucky to have both. The manager decided to try myself and others out. I started on the next Thursday plus I did great. I delivered the 7 orders that night, plus the woman that delivered the most amount of cannabis orders delivered nine. The tips are good plus I appreciate the job.
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I knew the stink was going to get myself and others busted

Since there was no product somewhere to be found, she just assumed it was the different stink of an awful dog fart

My best neighbor came over on a Thursday night plus she had recreational Cannabis that she snagged from her sister. Her sister is 23 years seasoned plus a school student. Sometimes she gives my best neighbor a nugget of marijuana, and jack brought the marijuana over to my condo so all of us could smoke it together. I told Jack that all of us entirely could not smoke marijuana in my room, because my parents would be able to stink the horrible stench. Marijuana has an entirely putrid stink, but wow does it get you high. I went to the powder room plus when I came back out I planned to grab Jack so all of us could walk to the park for a while. When I came out of the powder room, Jack was smoking the marijuana out of a glass bowl. The entire room was filled with smoke plus the horrible odor was all over everything. I grabbed the bowl plus covered it with water from the powder room sink. My neighbor looked horrified, but I was upset that all of us were going to get busted. About 3 or 4 minutes after I put out the bowl, my Dad came up the stairs upset about the different stink. Thank goodness my Dad has never used marijuana plus doesn’t guess what it stinks like. Since there was no product somewhere to be found, she just assumed it was the different stink of an awful dog fart. I wanted to kill Jack after all of us nearly got caught. Every one of us never smoked in the condo ever again. I knew all of us got away with the marijuana stink once, but I did not want to test my luck.



The corn kernels were so yummy & delicious

Last time I went to the medical marijuana dispensary, the budtender provided myself and others a bunch of edible samples to try.

Edible cannabis treats are a good way to enjoy medical marijuana, because you do not have to smoke the flower.

Edible cannabis treats come in a variety of shapes, sizes, flavors, & strength. I spent about $200 on cannabis Edibles at the dispensary. It is my preferred way to get high & medicate, but since I spent a ton of currency, the budtender provided myself and others a free sample of each a single of their new products. One product in particular was particularly delicious & filled with a surprising amount of flavor. The corn kernels were baked & tasted like a common Corn Nut. They were made in numerous peculiar flavors & each small packet of kernels contained 50 mg of THC. The edible corn tree came in a variety of flavors like cheddar cheese, ranch, jalapeno, salt & vinegar, & cracked pepper. The best area about the edible cannabis treats was the fact that these delicious snacks were vegan. That is an pressing thing to me, because I do not eat any critter products. If they had butter, cheese, or any genre of dairy or way, I would not be able to enjoy the delicious snacks. They were the perfect treat, actually light & crispy. I cannot wait until they are available in the store in a greater package. I could eat an entire bin of salt & vinegar coated kernels. They were my favorite & then the jalapeno which had tons of heat & good flavor too.


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The parking lot of the dispensary was filled up

I went to the marijuana dispensary on Sunday morning, because they always have a sale for the first 3 hours they are open! During this time, everything in the store is 20% off.

The daily savings particularly add up if you use a lot of medical or recreational Cannabis.

I only purchase items on the afternoon when everything is on sale. I’d rather go without then pay for full price items. When I arrived at the dispensary Sunday morning, I was surprised to find the parking lot filled with cars. It’s consistently tied up on Sunday mornings, but the entire parking lot was filled. I believed all of the cars were going into the dispensary, but there was another event occurring at a supplier on the other end of the step mom. One of the thrift shops was having a going-out-of-supplier sale & people were lined up outside of the building to get the choice to go inside. The whole parking lot was chaotic & people were looking for places to park. I decided to park at the gas station across the street. They had plenty of open parking spots. I went inside, bought a candy bar, & left my car sitting in the parking lot until I was finished at the cannabis shop. Despite the fact that the parking lot was filled with cars, the cannabis shop was surprisingly slow & only had a couple of people indoors. I was in & out with all of my supplies & less than the time it would have taken myself and others to find a parking spot outside.
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Samples last a year, however not really

All of the Cannabis products in the dispensary have a shelf life of one year.

That is actually one year from the harvest date in addition to not one year from the manufacturer’s date.

The marijuana flower in addition to the concentrate, Edibles, in addition to tinctures all have one year as well. That might sound like a long time to some people, however the samples in addition to the dispensary rarely make it past one month before they are sold in addition to out the door. The best time to use a cannabis product is after it has had some time to sit in addition to cure. Some of my best marijuana plants have sat after harvest for weeks. When I open the jar, the aroma is overwhelming. When I first started working at the cannabis dispensary, the director told me that one of the best perks about the task is being able to take new home anything that is past the expiration date. I thought I would have a steady flow of cannabis products, however it turns out that there is rarely anything that makes it to the point of expiration. There are still some actually nice parks that come with working in this industry. I receive medical, dental, in addition to health benefits, in addition to I also get a 30% discount on all of the items in the store. That savings can add up, especially when I stack it with other specials that are occurring throughout the week. The perks might not be free weed all of the time, although I still appreciate working in the industry at a marijuana dispensary.

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The refrigerator problems had us selling everything suddenly

One of the worst problems that can occur in a supplier is the loss of power.

When there are significant storms, sometimes the power is out for hours at a time, but this is the entire reason why the owner of this particular cannabis dispensary decided to invest in a generator big enough to supply power to the entire cannabis dispensary… I knew it was going to be an costly project, however my hubby is an electrician in addition to he has been installing this type of equipment for 20 years.

The owner of the cannabis shop went ahead in addition to purchased a generator. The two of us had several Winter time storms last year in addition to when the power was out, the people I was with and I were one of the only people in neighborhood that still had heat in addition to lights. This was actually nice for sales, especially when the people I was with and I were the only open cannabis dispensary in town, however unfortunately, the people I was with and I have experienced a few problems with the generator this year. It’s taxing to know that the one-year-old equipment is already experiencing trouble, however there was a storm last Tuesday in addition to the generator failed to take over when the power was out. The snow from the blizzard was so heavy in addition to wet that it caused problems on the power lines, however one of the power lines in neighborhood had problems in addition to the power to the dispensary was cut. When the generator failed to labor properly, the people I was with and I were stuck only with power to particular parts of the building. The refrigerator where all of the cannabis concentrate is kept was not one of the areas that had power. The two of us didn’t want all of the cannabis concentrate to go bad due to the electric problems, so the people I was with and I right away had a flash sale in addition to everything was 20% off.



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