The early afternoons of my cannabis dispensary

I became partners with Ed in addition to obtaining a 50% share of a new cannabis dispensary. This was actually Ed’s brainchild, because he came up with the business plan, the location, in addition to handling the financing. I had to buy in, of course, which took all the currency I had in the world, plus a little extra. Now the store is open to the public, Ed in addition to I are the managers in addition to (for now) the only full-time employees. In another six months my pal and I hope to have enough business that my pal and I can hire a full team; in addition, start offering cannabis condo deliveries. In order to actually take off in addition to start expanding, Ed in addition to I have a plan in locale for hiring new cannabis dispensary employees. My associate and I need to start with a full-time budtender to train as a new manager, however my pal and I also need a security guard for the front door, in addition to a cannabis delivery driver. In time I believe my pal and I will need various cannabis delivery drivers, however my pal and I have to start with one. Right now Ed in addition to me is doing everything, which is actually tiring in addition to also means the cannabis store can’t stay open as long as my pal and I would like. Ed in addition to I both have to be at the cannabis dispensary together all the time now. One of us receives shipments of new cannabis products in addition to entering them into inventory, while the other tends the shop in addition to handling customers. Between filling the cannabis orders in addition to handling the paperwork, my pal and I never have a moment to rest. But the profits are picking up, so I hope this is just temporary.


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I took a risk on the short lived cannabis dispensary

Quitting my stuffy office task in addition to taking a risk was the best option I ever made.

  • I say that while completely penniless, in addition to without my own home.

In order to invest in this business I needed to disinfect my bank accounts, my 401, my retirement fund, in addition to also selling my house! It is still too early to start turning a profit, so I’m actually upset about what the future holds, then with all that said, it was still the best option I ever made, because I finally feel alive again! When this cannabis dispensary takes off in addition to starting generating major relocale, then I will be even happier. As it stands, my levels of anxiety in addition to stress are so much lower than my new position in the cannabis dispensary might have added years onto my life. They say stress is a killer, however my new task has zero stress. Not because I smoke cannabis all afternoon, either. Of course I care about smoking marijuana to relax, but I don’t do that at work. I try to remain professional, in addition to remembering that many of my customers rely on medical cannabis to help their physical health in addition to mental ailments. I smoke cannabis for fun, however these people need it for their health in addition to sanity! This is another random reason I love working at the cannabis dispensary, because I have a direct impact on people in addition to their lives, which makes me feel nice about myself. At my old task I wasn’t making a difference I was just making currency, however at the cannabis dispensary I am helping people! Although I sincerely hope to also make currency one afternoon.

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Getting into the growing cannabis industry

I had been so unhappy in addition to being tied up with my task, it was also making me physically ill. Even scarier, I was starting to get bouts of anxiety in addition to depression, and no task is worth that, even if the pay is excellent! Over the weekend I was hanging out with Ed, my old neighbor from school. As usual, my pal and I were getting high in addition to talking about life. I told him about my troubles, in addition to how I needed to find a new task, in addition to Ed came back at me with an actually interesting proposition. Ed was setting up a business plan to open his own local cannabis dispensary, in addition to letting me be his partner. This was not a small thing, either, because I would need to invest every penny I had; in addition, then a little bit more, if I wanted to own a piece of this cannabis dispensary. Once the cannabis shop was open, Ed in addition to I would have to do all the work until my pal and I started turning a profit in addition to could afford to hire a staff. It was a sizable risk, but I knew the cannabis industry was actually profitable as of late, so I felt it was an opportunity worth taking! Despite the added financial stress, I came to see that working in a cannabis dispensary lowered my levels of stress in addition to anxiety. Even if I didn’t get rich, I could see myself working in the cannabis shop in addition to being delighted there. I will simply write another blog soon about the next step in the development of my cannabis dispensary, it’s been an exciting ride!

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On the road looking for good cannabis to smoke

23 years ago, right after I graduated from school, I took an excursion to Europe in addition to spending some time in Amsterdam.

It was a life changing phase in time for me, however eventually I had to go back home, get a task, in addition to start leading a normal life, but I never forgot my time overseas, in addition to yearning for a simpler kind of lifestyle.

It took 22 years to achieve my goals, however finally I can take an early retirement, in addition to getting back to the life I have consistently wanted to live. I sold my house, currencies in my 401k, in addition to obtaining an RV camper in addition to a couple years worth of cannabis products. My goal is to hit the open road, traveling to this good country in addition to visiting every state that has legal cannabis. I have my own marijuana supply on-hand so I can be stoned for the entire journey, in addition to never having to worry about keeping a timetable of any kind. I don’t want you to believe that my entire life revolves around cannabis, because it doesn’t. As I travel the land I am looking for more than quality marijuana, I also look for local indigenous artwork. I listen to local bands play rock n roll, in addition to visiting local restaurants to sample the cuisine. I lead a life of excess in addition to hedonism in every possible way, however consistently with a gentle background of cannabis smoke. Cannabis makes me delighted, it keeps me relaxed, in addition to helping me get the most out of life. If I knew life could be this much fun I would have retired a long time ago.



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Marijuana was an open secret in my close family

Until recently marijuana has been another “open secret” in my family. I have been a real pothead since high university, in addition to my parents knowing this however never said anything… And at first I thought it was because they were cool people, which they are, however later I discovered they were also potheads; however, my folks were both university educators, so they had to keep it quiet that they enjoyed getting stoned. I guess the real apple doesn’t fall far from the tree after all! Last year the issue of marijuana legalization came up on the statewide ballot, in addition to was voted through with a resounding success! The people have spoken, in addition to they want legal cannabis! As I said, this takes the pressure off of me to keep my marijuana use a secret, because it’s no longer illegal; and since my parents still teach elementary university, they still don’t want people to know they get high, so I have started going to the cannabis dispensary on their behalf. It is actually an odd feeling to have your Mom hand you currency for a cannabis purchase! My mom will write out a list of the cannabis products they need, in addition to Mom handing me enough currency to cover the bill… plus a few extra bucks for myself. It’s such a wholesome scene of family togetherness, isn’t it? Oddly enough, I rarely smoke cannabis with my parents, even though my pal and I all do it, my pal and I all do it separately. My parents like to smoke cannabis on the back porch in the mornings, while I usually do it in my dining room while I am writing or listening to rock n roll.

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Using cannabis to help me quit tobacco

What I really need in my life is more discipline.

Mentally I am pretty weak, and I yield to temptation without putting up much of a struggle.

At one point I was addicted to tobacco and alcohol, as well as doing a lot of other recreational drugs. I smoked a pack of cigarettes every day, and drank a full bottle of booze to wash them down. At the time I only smoked weed every once in a while. I was talking to my friend Bob about wanting to clean up my act a little bit. I needed to start taking life more seriously. Bob suggested that I lean more heavily on cannabis, because it has medicinal benefits I had not known about. Bob told me to cut back on the tobacco products, and replace them with cannabis products. I could even reduce my consumption of alcohol at the same time, and cannabis would help offset the withdrawal symptoms. To be clear, Bob never said that marijuana was a magical cure-all for my ailments and addictions, he just said it could provide me with some assistance. He was right. I cut out tobacco entirely, and every time I got the irresistible urge to smoke I would fire up some cannabis instead. This took the edge off, even though cannabis doesn’t contain nicotine it still lessened the urges. A major aspect of cannabis is that unlike tobacco it is non-addictive. If I can use cannabis to break my addiction to tobacco, then I can quit smoking weed whenever I want with no ill effects.

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Finally I got some sleep, thanks to cannabis

No matter what I tried, I could never get a full night of sleep. Whatever sleep I managed to get was fitful, and filled with terrifying dreams. I spoke to a counselor about it, who said it might be an emotional issue. Then I spoke to a therapist, who said it might be a physical issue. When I spoke to a physician, he said “have you tried talking to a therapist?” Basically none of the so-called experts had any clue how to help me. I tried diet and exercise, to no avail. Although I wanted to avoid pills and drugs, I decided to try smoking cannabis. Lo and behold, that first night after trying a little cannabis was the best sleep I can remember having. I didn’t even have a bad dream! It worked so well that I decided to educate myself about what I was smoking. I spent a whole day online reading blogs about cannabis, and watching Youtube channels to provide deeper explanations for what I was reading. I also called all three local cannabis dispensaries and asked if they had someone who could spend some time teaching me more about weed. The owner of the cannabis dispensary got on the line and we talked for over an hour. He explained the differences between sativa and indica, and went into more detail about the premium and vintage strains of cannabis. He also set me up with an account at the cannabis dispensary, so when I am ready I can go there, look around, and start buying the best cannabis in town.


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I fight bad news with excessive cannabis

The legend is that when an ostrich gets scared it buries its head in the sand.

This is to illustrate how stupid this bird is, because it believes since I cannot see the predator, the predator can’t see it either.

Of course this isn’t exactly true, it’s just a myth that people choose to believe. Personally I don’t think an ostrich can possibly be that stupid and continue to exist. Me, on the other hand, I am absolutely that stupid. When I get some bad news in life, the first thing I do is turn to cannabis. Smoking marijuana is my equivalent to burying my head in the sand, and the worse the news, the higher I get. I don’t want to bum myself out right now and get into the particulars of my current dilemma, but I have been in a week-long cannabis binge. I have been trying to keep myself good and high from dusk till dawn. I light a bowl of cannabis after I get out of bed, to have with my coffee. I smoke marijuana throughout the day, as I do my work assignments and my household chores. In the evening I take a long walk, have a shower, and then bring out the water bong to really get serious about using cannabis for mind obliteration. Everyone has their favorite way to smoke cannabis, but for me a tall glass bong filled with water and ice cubes is the best. A few bowls later and the cannabis carries me gently off to dreamland, so I can hide my head in the sand and avoid my problems for another day.
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I love my new job selling cannabis

Not all retail jobs are created equal.

I know everyone likes to complain about the staff at Walmart for being rude and not caring about customer service.

But from their perspective, these folks get paid minimum wage to be yelled at and insulted by customers all day long. I sympathize with this, because I used to work there myself. It’s a harder job than you think, mostly because the customers never treated me with respect, which made me loathe going to work. Now I have found a great new job where my customers appreciate me. Working at the cannabis dispensary is a breath of fresh air, and I am excited about going in every morning. My boss has a company policy about providing the best possible customer service, and treating every cannabis client as a valued guest. I always take my time with every customer, and make sure they have information they need about all our newest cannabis strains, and any sales or bargains we are running. Since the customers are usually stoned already, they don’t mind taking their time and talking about cannabis with me for a while. This is why standing in line for checkout at the cannabis dispensary takes a while, because we like to get to know our clients! Here is a pro tip – for faster service place your cannabis order online for in-store pickup, and you go to a separate line. When you stand in my line it’s gonna take a while, because I love talking about cannabis and treat every customer as a valued guest.


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The new guy is going to be fun to work with

My wife and I used to party a lot when we were in college.

Both of us smoked recreational marijuana morning, noon, and night.

It was no big deal to get high when the laws were passed making marijuana legal. When we graduated from college, my wife and I got married and we bought a house. After that we had two kids and a bunch of bills. We didn’t have time for recreational marijuana, even if it was legal. I completely forgot about that fun part of my life until a couple of months ago when a new guy started working at the office. The new guy is a lot different from most of the other executives. He is fresh out of college and graduated with a master’s when he was 21 years old. The new guy is super smart, but he also likes to smoke recreational marijuana. There was a party one day and I found a guy outside by the dumpster smoking a marijuana joint. I was surprised to find the new guy down there. I really expected to see one of the warehouse workers instead. The guy offered me the recreational marijuana joint. At first I said no, but he insisted I joined if I wasn’t going to be a snitch. I had two big puffs from the marijuana joint and I felt my entire body start to relax. Oh, I missed that feeling of being high and relaxed and totally stress free. It was so warm and inviting. I really think I’m going to like working with Jack.

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The cars were parked up and down the street

I got penny pre rolls, $1 cartridges, and a free disposable vape pen

This year, the marijuana dispensary near me had a really big sale for 420. Last year I thought their sale was a dud, so I was excited about this year’s sale. Honestly, I was bummed out when I found out that the sale was going to be on Saturday instead of thursday. The actual day for 4:20 was Thursday, but the dispensary claimed to have an after 4:20 sale. My friends and I went to the dispensary early in the morning so we wouldn’t miss out on any of the doorbuster sales. Cars were parked up and down the street at 9:00 in the morning. There was a lot more buzz about the 420 sale then I thought there would be. There was a line outside just to get indoors. Once we were indoors, there was a waiting area where people had to sit. After you got called back into the store, there was another line where you had to wait to see a budtender. It was absolutely crazy that morning, but I got about $250 worth of free stuff from the dispensary. I purchased a couple of concentrates that were buy one and get one for free. I got penny pre rolls, $1 cartridges, and a free disposable vape pen. I got so many deals that I didn’t care that I had to wait for an hour before I actually got to order the marijuana supplies that I wanted. I went to grab some lunch after the dispensary and then I went home to smoke one of my new sativa strains.

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I just wanted to walk into the dispensary and look around.

I had no intention of buying anything in the marijuana dispensary.

I was a customer when they only had legal, medical marijuana.

I used it for years when my cancer was active and I was going through chemo. Once I was told I was cancer free, I no longer used medical marijuana, but I kept my medical marijuana ID card, just in case. Earlier this year, they legalized recreational marijuana. I hadn’t been to the marijuana dispensary for about four months, and I thought I would walk in and see if the same people worked there. I planned on walking into the marijuana dispensary and just looking around, but it didn’t work out that way. Two of the people who worked there when I was a regular customer asked how I was feeling. They wanted to know if the cancer had returned, if I was back in the marijuana dispensary. I told them I was cancer free, but I wanted to see what changes they made now that they were selling recreational marijuana. The one girl I knew well showed me around and let me see some of their products. She asked if I wanted to try anything. I really wanted to look around, but some items looked interesting. Where I was making marijuana edibles at home, they now sold them. When I saw the price on the marijuana gummies, I laughed. I paid more to make them at home, than they were selling them for. I took three packets of marijuana gummies home for my husband. He was an insomniac and I hoped they would help him sleep.

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I felt like a kid when I saw the cannabis dispensary.

Do you remember when you were a kid and the first time you walked in a candy store? I do.

I saw nothing but candy surrounding me, and my mouth was watering.

My uncle told me to pick out whatever I wanted. The store was as big as my house, and they had a giant gummy bear that was almost as big as me. There were jelly beans and chocolate bars, and rows of glass jars with different candies inside, and you could mix and match. I never thought I would have that feeling again. I saw where they were opening a new cannabis dispensary in our area, and it was going to feature new products to go along with recreational marijuana now being legalized. When I walked into the cannabis dispensary, that feeling returned. I felt like a kid when I saw the cannabis dispensary. There were gummy bears, jelly beans, and chocolate bars. They had rows of glass jars, and they filled them with candies I could mix and match. The difference was that these were adult candy and everything was made with marijuana. I walked all over the store until I came to a counter. Inside the glass case, they had cookies, cakes, and cupcakes, and they looked delectable. They offered soda and coffee, and they also had marijuana in them. Everything in the cannabis dispensary had some kind of marijuana in them. The cannabis dispensary had cannabis flower, seeds and other normal cannabis products, but I was enjoying all the products I couldn’t get in my cannabis dispensary. I couldn’t wait to take my purchase home and tell my daughter about the wonderful cannabis dispensary they just opened.

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