The job was supposed to be for a delivery driver

I’ve been trying to find a new job for a while now.

I put a lot of applications into different places.

I was particularly hopeful that the recreational and medical marijuana dispensary would call me for an interview. My best friend works at the recreational and medical marijuana dispensary. He said he would put a good word in with the manager. I applied for a job as a delivery driver. I received a phone call from the manager and she wanted me to come in for an interview. I assumed the interview was in fact for the delivery driver position. The interview was for a position inside working with jack. I told my friends that I wanted to work deliveries, but he didn’t have any control over what the manager did next. She told me that she did not have a position available for a delivery driver, but she did have a position available for a budtender and cannabis consultant inside of the shop. I thought long and hard before I gave her my answer. I was hopeful to get a job driving so I would have daily money and tips and I wasn’t quite sure that I wanted to work inside instead. My best friend told me not to wait too long before I give her an answer, because she needed someone to fill the position and she was not likely to hold it for me for a very long time. I spent 24 hours thinking about the job at the dispensary and then I finally told that manager that I would take the position.

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SEO for the cannabis dispensary isn’t as easy as you think.

When I started thinking about the cannabis dispensary, I started thinking about my website.

I had read enough to know that you needed good SEO in the website and in the ads that you replaced. I knew enough to understand that SEO was simply a way of installing keywords that would attract the attention of searches by prospective customers on the Internet. The SEO, or keywords, would pick up on searches, and display the top marijuana dispensaries in their area, and I wanted to be one of them. Unfortunately, I didn’t know what kind of keywords I should be using. I read a lot about long tail keywords, single keywords, double keywords and I had so many thoughts on keywords that I was dreaming about them. I talked to my brother, who is going to school for website design and asked what he would suggest for my cannabis dispensary website and the SEO that would go into it. He said he had never worked with a cannabis dispensary before, but he was willing to give it a shot and show me what he was doing if I wanted him to. I jumped at the chance to have him show me how to do SEO for my business. It didn’t take long to have a working website that was actually coming up in searches. My brother showed me different things I could do, but also offered to maintain my website for me and keep it up-to-date, but I was going to have to pay him. I knew that as long as my cannabis dispensary was profitable, I would keep him on my payroll.

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Is there a difference between website solutions and website design?

When I called the online web development company, I had a few important questions to ask.

The first question was what the difference was between website solutions and website design.

The person I talked to at the website development company told me the website solutions are what it is called when you call in and asked questions about having a new website developed. They tried to find the perfect website developer to work with your online company since I was opening a cannabis dispensary, and they would set me up with a website solutions department that worked solely with cannabis dispensaries. When you talked about website design, it was the second step in web development. They had to help you create a website design that would be manageable, attractive enough to draw attention, and navigable. The website developer would ask me a plethora of questions about my cannabis dispensary and choose the proper set up for my company. The design would flow right along with the information that I gave the developer. Not knowing very much about web development, web design, or even web solutions, I knew I was going to have to give the company my trust.It was going to be difficult relinquishing control over my marijuana dispensary, even if it was just in the design of my website, but it was a necessity. Without an excellent website, and a good website developer, my design would mean nothing. Two weeks later, I was looking at the first galleys of my new cannabis dispensary website, and feeling as proud as a new parent.

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Cannabis gummies are amazing

Because of the kids I had to stop smoking.

This was a big deal for me, you have to understand.

There is nothing in the world more addictive than smoking. I started smoking cigarettes when I was 15 years old, and by the age of 18 I smoked no less than a pack every day, sometimes more. I even had a cigarette going during my meals, if that gives you any idea how addicted I was. Then my wife got pregnant, and I knew that had to change. I couldn’t smoke around kids, or around my pregnant wife, so I had to quit. Instead of going cold turkey, I switched over to medical marijuana, and started to smoke joints every time I craved tobacco. I did this for a few weeks, but my wife told me that when the baby arrived it wouldn’t be enough. Secondhand smoke can stick to clothes and skin, and then transfer to delicate children. After kicking cigarettes I needed to also kick the habit of smoking medical cannabis! I didn’t think this would be possible, but then I discovered the amazing power of cannabis gummies. Cannabis gummies pack all the THC content of flowers with none of the harmful side effects. My wife couldn’t use the cannabis gummies because she would be breastfeeding for a few months. I have to say that quitting cigarettes was a lot harder than quitting medical cannabis. Thanks to the cannabis gummies making the transition was incredibly easy. Once the kid gets a little older I will introduce my wife to using cannabis gummies.

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After the accident I turned to cannabis

I had been in several car accidents before, but not one like this.

A fender-bender in the parking lot is a far cry from being involved in a multiple-car pileup on the interstate.

I remember driving late at night, and seeing a lot of tail lights stopping in the road ahead. I slowed down, but the semi-truck behind me didn’t brake in time. The truck plowed into me, and smashed me into the cars ahead. After that I blacked out and woke up in the hospital. I was unconscious for three days, and when I woke up everything seemed different. Since then I rely heavily on medical cannabis to moderate my moods, help me sleep, and reduce the pain in my injuries. My body has healed completely, aside from pain in my joints when it rains, but I still use medical cannabis every day to help with my PTSD. I swear that whenever I close my eyes to sleep I relive that moment and see the truck barrelling towards me! Thanks to medical cannabis I can fall asleep peacefully, and if I have any terrifying nightmares I do not remember them the next day. Medical cannabis is invaluable to me, because without getting quality sleep my brain doesn’t function as well and I get depressed. There is a whole litany of anxiety and stress that overwhelms me when I am tired so you can understand how medical marijuana is a lifeline for me. I may never mentally recover from that accident, but if I have to keep smoking medical cannabis for the rest of my life, that’s not so bad.

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A new state, with new medical cannabis laws

I moved to a new state because of their medical cannabis laws.

  • It’s as simple as that! Where I used to live (I won’t mention it by name) is still stuck in the stone ages, and will not even put pot legalization on the ballot.

I was tired of waiting, so I got a transfer at my job and moved across the country for the health benefits. This wasn’t about getting high, this was about having the freedom to access the medicine I need. Old people act like “Reefer Madness” was a documentary, and they stand in the way of medical marijuana helping people who are sick or in pain. My grandma June has been a daily user of medical marijuana ever since her cancer diagnosis three years ago. Speaking from personal experience, I can tell you the medical cannabis has helped her deal with the sickness better than anything else. The docs put her on a host of pills, but it was the medical marijuana that perked her up, made her feel better, and increased her appetite. Now that I live in a much cooler state with much cooler medical cannabis laws, I will no doubt start to indulge myself! But this move wasn’t about me getting stoned, it was about grandma June having access to the medical cannabis she needs to prolong her life, and give her a higher quality of life. Medical cannabis isn’t going to save her life, but it does help her enjoy the days she has left, and that was definitely worth moving for.


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I used to grow medical cannabis in college

In college we grew hemp plants on the roof of our dorm.

My roommate at the time was a major in botany, and it was his idea to start growing a few pot plants in our room.

I disagreed with him, because that was against the rules of the college and if we got caught we could both be expelled. I suggested growing them on the roof, because they would get a lot more sunlight up there, and if they were found by campus security no one could prove they belonged to us. We hid the plants near the HVAC equipment, and a few weeks later had top quality medical marijauan to smoke for free. By the time I graduated college I had gotten accustomed to smoking high grade medical cannabis every single day. It had gotten to the point where I couldn’t fall asleep at night without smoking some medical cannabis first. When I tried to grow it myself, the results were also terrible, so I was thrilled with medical marijuana legalization passed at the last election. Now I will have access to medical marijuana stores anywhere in the state, which means I will never have to run out of pot again! I have read the science and understand that medical cannabis isn’t physically addictive to the human body. Personally I have become so used to having it in my system that sleep is elusive without a lot of help from medical cannabis. As soon as a medical marijuana store opens up around here, I will be all set.

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Treating pain with cannabis

Cannabis is often used to alleviate pain, and pain can be caused by a variety of problems, making it a bit of a challenge to choose the right cannabis product. It is helpful to believe which cannabinoids have proven to treat identifiable types of pain. There is nociceptive pain, neuropathic pain and central pain and each type has a identifiable treatment strategy. It is possible to have an injury yet experience little to no pain. It’s also possible to have no injury and yet suffer pain. The body’s endocannabinoid proposal is made up of receptors that communicate signals to the brain. The brain decides the strength of pain sensation. The active compounds in cannabis, such as THC, bind to those receptors and can influence the messages that are sent to the brain. Nociceptive pain is the result of tissue destruction and described as sharp, throbbing or aching pain caused by physical disfigure. The disfigured tissues reach out to inflammatory and immune cells to make repairs. These cells activate receptors on nerves that travel to the brain and cause the sensation of pain, both THC and CBD can prove helpful. THC works to activate CB2 receptors in the immune proposal to lessen both pain and inflammation, cBD works by blocking inflammatory mediators and activating service strategies. Neuropathic pain is caused by destruction to the body’s worried system. The pain is described as pinching and stabbing. An over-activation of CB1 receptors due to high THC satisfied can be problematic. A balance of THC and CBD is better for long-term care. Central pain can be hard to treat because it often lacks a known cause. CBD- dominant products offer a helpful, long-term treatment and relief from chronic pain.


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The entourage effect

A close look at cannabis buds reveals sticky, glistening hair-like trichomes covering the surface.

This resin offers hundreds of therapeutic compounds that are responsible for the effects and properties of cannabis.

The belief that weird cannabis compounds work together to give identifiable effects and enhanced benefits is called the entourage effect. Most cannabis consumers are aware of the plant’s more than one most abundant and famous cannabinoids. Along with THC and CBD, there are a long list of other compounds produced by the plant in lesser quantities. These compounds contribute to the overall effects produced by a identifiable strain… Smoking or vaping cannabis introduces hundreds of botanical compounds into the lungs and body. Each 1 delivers identifiable effects. The behavior of the compound changes in the presence of other compounds. This entourage effect can be used to advantage. A recent study administered either a pure THC extract or an extract with equal levels of THC and CBD to cancer patients. Those patients receiving the combination of THC and CBD reported less pain. THC, CBD, CBN, CBC, CBG and dozens of cannabinoids and terpenes add up to a synergistic effect that is actually exciting. The possibilities of downplaying the downside side-effects and customizing medicinal treatments are nearly endless! Unluckyly, proof is hard to come by. There are limited studies exploring the potential of the entourage effect. It’s still a theory backed up by lots of success stories from cannabis enthusiasts and patients experimenting with multiple strains. When shopping for cannabis products, full-spectrum chances contain more chemical compounds. Those formulated to contain only a single compound, such as CBD, are called isolates.


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You never believe what you’re going to find when you are on trip

Over the years, the people I was with and I have gone to a lot of weird locales on trip… I love to travel and so does our fiance… We always try to find weird locales to go to whenever the people I was with and I are going on trip or on a family trip.

It’s fun to explore and to try modern foods and experiences.

I know that is 1 of the best things about traveling, anyway, this past year whenever the people I was with and I were on a family trip, the people I was with and I had the best time that the people I was with and I have ever had; My kids are all now adults and the people I was with and I still decided that the people I was with and I were all going to go on trip together. We wanted to have a fun family trip and the people I was with and I talked about doing things together love drinking and things love that since the kids are all outdated enough, however, whenever the people I was with and I got to our trip rental, the people I was with and I noticed that there was a brand modern recreational cannabis dispensary right down the street from us; Now, our fiance and I are not easily cannabis aficionados at all, but the people I was with and I knew that our kids had partaken quite a bit whenever they were in university. As a family, the people I was with and I all decided that the people I was with and I were going to go over to the cannabis dispensary and try some stuff out! It was all certainly exciting for all of us and the people I was with and I picked out some modern pear flavored edibles while the people I was with and I were there. We tried them all together and it was a bonding experience for us as a family, to say the least! We had a superb time with our cannabis edibles.

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I needed to calm down and relax

I have been feeling recognizably tied up out and it has been taxing to relax.

I tried drinking a glass of red wine, but it didn’t help much at all.

I told 1 of my co-workers that I have been feeling honestly tied up out and he asked me if I wanted recreational marijuana. The guy had a couple of joints in his truck and he said he would get 1 for me if I wanted to try it out. I had not previously considered using medical or recreational marijuana at all. When I was in high school, I thought all of the men and girls that smoked marijuana were stoners and losers. I definitely didn’t want to turn into 1 of those people. I said no to the marijuana joint the first time that my coworker provided. Yesterday I was having a tied up out morning as well and I was ready to lose my mind. At lunch time, my coworker told me to come with him to the parking lot. He got out a marijuana joint from his car and he lit it up. I asked him if he was sad that we were going to get caught and he told me that he smokes weed everyday at lunch time. I was honestly upset about going back into work feeling high, but I decided to take a couple of hits off the marijuana joint. The strain was called Blue dream. My associate said it was supposed to taste enjoy yellowberries. I really did not know it tasted enjoy a berry at all. It tasted enjoy a plant if you ask me. I did not actually like the flavor, but I got super high off two hits from the marijuana joint. It was taxing to focus at work for the rest of the morning, but I didn’t know any stress at all.

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The hotel desk clerk was an aged friend

I really don’t remember a lot of people from my childhood.

It was more than 20 years ago and I never enjoyed school honestly much.

When I left elementary and high school, I didn’t actually stop to turn around and look back. I never went through my aged high fall semesterbook to look at aged pictures of my friends and I didn’t join social media platforms so we could keep in touch. I never actually knew anything about my aged classmates after we left. A few weeks ago I ran into a guy that was on the cross country running team with me. The guy’s name is jack, then jack was toiling at a hotel where my wifey and I stayed for the weekend. He was toiling at the front desk. I really don’t know he was the manager, but I could not tell. I recognized Jack as soon as I saw him. He knew my face as well. The people I was with and I exchanged some pleasantries and we made plans to get together and catch up later that night. The people I was with and I met at the hotel bar. Before we started drinking, Jack asked if I wanted to go out back to smoke a marijuana joint before we sat down. I regularly knew that Jack smoked marijuana in high school, but now I was confirming that for sure. I hesitated at first, but then we thought why not have a little fun. The people I was with and I smoked a marijuana joint and then we made the choice to go back into the bar to drink some beers. I was totally stoned and drunk by the time I went back to the hotel room to see my wifey. She knew that I had a nice time with my aged associate just by the look on my face.


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Someone was definitely smoking in the plane bathroom

If you have ever smelled marijuana products, then you know that the smell of marijuana is honestly fragrant and pungent. There actually is not any way to hide the smell of marijuana. It is honestly distinctive in its flower form and it also has a honestly strong smell when it is being burned. Most marijuana users burn marijuana by smoking it in a joint, bowl, or bong. I have been using marijuana products for a long time and I can think the smell of weed from anywhere. My wifey and I took a flight to the desert so we could go to the casino, however our flight was approximately 3 minutes long. I didn’t want to get up and use the bathroom while in the flight, because I know they are small and it can be taxing to move around. I had to pee badly, so I was left without any choice. I went to the plane at the front of the cottage. It was the handicapped bathroom and just a little bit bigger than the 1 at the back of the plane. As soon as I opened the door to the bathroom, an unusual and common smell hit me in the face. Someone was definitely smoking marijuana in the airport bathroom. I didn’t look to see who was in there before I was. I wasn’t going to say anything to the stewardess either. If someone got away with smoking marijuana on the plane, then nice for them. I would have killed for a recreational marijuana joint when I was feeling anxiety about the plane ride.

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