I can’t afford to renew my medical marijuana card again until I get paid

Many of us faced pay cuts this year amid the highest inflation numbers in nearly 40 years.

You expect to see your income increase with a rise in cost of living, but that doesn’t always happen.

Until the pay cuts, I was still waiting two years for another raise. The company is bootstrapped right now and has no additional funds for wages or anything else. In fact, I’m lucky that I haven’t lost my job altogether as many others have in my same department as well. I have to deal with the changes and keep my head up so I don’t lose my mind completely. It’s not easy trying to make ends meet when my paycheck isn’t large enough to cover all of my expenses. Whether I can sustain all of the credit card debt that I’m forced to take on to survive is yet to be seen. But needless to say, I’m acutely aware of how dire my situation is and I’m far from complacent. I don’t want to find myself in a financial quandary that forces me to postpone renewing my medical marijuana card. I was short this week on the $75 required to renew my medical marijuana card with the state government. As a result of not having the funds, I have to wait a week until I’m paid again and go without my medical cannabis card in the process. Thankfully I have enough marijuana to last me until then, but I’d really be hurting right now if I was low on money and weed at the same time. I’d have to go without cannabis in the time being, and that’s hard for me with my mental health issues.

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CBD is one of the fastest things to calm me down in an anxiety attack

I know that I started developing anxiety problems when I was a toddler.

I accompanied my parents to stores and would get paranoid whenever I accidentally made eye contact with strangers.

My mom tells me today that I was constantly complaining to her that people were watching me and staring at me. Now I recognize that as sheer social anxiety manifesting at a particularly young age. It’s hard for me to fathom that sort of behavior at that age, but I have memories to back up her words completely. In high school, my innate anxiety problems got worse when I started to develop depression at the same time. Suddenly my mental health was slipping and my hold on class grades, exams, and my part time job was beginning to loosen. I could have benefitted from medications at the time, but who wants to push that on their child? I don’t blame either of my parents for not putting me on those drugs at that early of an age, but it’s still true that the problems persisted past college and into adulthood. Thankfully I have CBD and cannabis nowadays to combat my anxiety and depression problems respectively. CBD is one of the fastest things to calm me down if I’m having an anxiety attack. CBD is one of the many cannabinoids in the marijuana plant, but doesn’t have psychoactive effects like THC. While I like THC products for depression symptoms, CBD is extremely effective for treating my anxiety and my occasional joint pain in my hands. Hemp products are legal in most states, as long as you don’t live in an area that has specifically outlawed it despite its federal status.

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I stick to safe CBD products from CBD retailers instead of gas stations and head shops

I don’t like spending my money in gas stations if I can avoid it.

The snacks, drinks, and everyday essentials are always marked up in price to a considerable degree compared to other stores.

They’re taxing you for the convenience factor of having these items available to you in a nearby store that may or may not be open late at night when other stores are closed. Or if you’re traveling down the interstate and are just getting off to refuel and grab a drink and a snack. When I was a kid, my friends and I rode our bikes to the nearby gas station so that we could get candy and soda drinks. It seemed like a cheap way to get candy at the time, but I’m sure the products we bought were susceptible to upcharges compared to the bulk candy you can get in large superstores. Nowadays you can even get CBD and hemp products in gas stations, but I wouldn’t touch those with a 10-foot pole. You have no idea what sort of pesticides or solvents could be left in those unregulated CBD oils, concentrates, and vaporizer cartridges that are commonly sold in all sorts of different gas stations. I also see those delta-8 THC products which are meant to somewhat mimic delta-9 THC, which is the form of THC found in traditional cannabis products along with THCa, which converts to delta-9 THC when heated or consumed in the body. Head shops also contain these unscrupulous CBD products. I’d rather buy my CBD and hemp from retailers that include lab reports with all of their products to prove they’re safe for human consumption.
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CBD and acetaminophen are my best medicines for sciatic pain

I injured the sciatic nerve in my left leg around the age of 21. I remember bending over to lift up one of my dogs and the pain that went through my leg and into my lower back was unbelievably intense. I had to put the dog down and I collapsed onto the floor afterward. I remember laying on the floor of the dog room that night and wondering if I’d be able to get on my feet again without needing to call an ambulance. It was some of the most severe pain I had felt in my life up to that point. Thankfully I was able to stand after laying straight on my back for roughly 40 minutes. But from that point on, I had chronic pain in the base of my back on the left side going down my left leg into my left foot. I made an appointment with my general physician and he told me that I must have injured my sciatic nerve on the left side. Beyond the injury itself, I had been using a messenger bag at school with lots of weight, and it was almost always hanging from my left shoulder. I started consuming acetaminophen heavily at that point, but you have to be careful about liver toxicity, especially if you drink alcohol as well. I’m happy that I can utilize CBD along with acetaminophen to combat the chronic pain I have in my sciatic nerve. It’s debilitating some days while other days it isn’t nearly as bad. I have used CBD oil that you consume orally as well as CBD skin patches and skin cream that I can apply directly above the base of my back on the left side.

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My dogs are more mobile and physically active now that they eat CBD edibles

This is the first time I have ever dealt with elderly dogs and pet CBD products.

Both of my family dogs growing up passed away before reaching the age of 5 by getting into the road being hit by cars.

It was extremely tragic and it prevented me from watching them grow old like I have with my current dogs. We lost them while they were both really young and it was unexpected for us all. For a while I only had fish tanks because I struggled with the grief from losing the family dogs when I was younger. Pets can take a lot of work and will drain someone of any energy reserves they have if there’s ever serious problem with the pet’s health. Still, I wanted dogs again and definitely considered the possibility while I was in college. Back then I had nowhere to keep a dog, so it was out of the question completely for me to keep one. When I finally landed a job out of school and started renting a house, I went to an animal shelter and immediately adopted a young gold retriever. I named him Rosco and I have had him for eight years in total. Shortly after adopting Rosco, I adopted another dog, this time a beagle. His name is Shorty and he used to be full of energy. While they hopefully have a few more years on themselves, it took giving them CBD edibles to improve their health problems and overall demeanor. After consuming pet CBD products for the third straight week, I could tell that my dogs were starting to come back to life physically and were more active around the house than they had been in over five or six years.

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I made the mistake of thinking I could buy CBD as a sleep sedative

Insomnia can be a particularly difficult problem when you work an early morning job and can’t sleep in on the nights when you’re struggling to get to sleep on time compared to other evenings.

I suffered through insomnia symptoms for years before I finally started taking the active ingredient in Benadryl, diphenhydramine, as a sleep aid.

I think I was at the age of 14 when I started consuming generic diphenhydramine on a daily basis. This persisted into my early 20s, and then I consumed it sporadically until my mid 20s when I stopped. It worries me now to think if I could have never quit taking it, as kids are consuming high doses of diphenhydramine to “trip,” although it becomes a deliriant when one consumes over 200mg, which is often described as a hellish and nightmarish version of a psychedelic but with a general sense of terror that one can’t really replicate with the latter. I’m happy I’m not even taking “safe” and “therapeutic” doses of diphenhydramine any longer if that’s what happens to the brain on higher doses. However, I made the mistake recently in buying a bunch of CBD products off the internet thinking that CBD by itself would be an amazing sleep aid for me. I talked to a cannabis doctor about it later on down the road and he explained that CBD by itself sometimes has the opposite of a sedating effect, but that you can add sedating terpenes like myrcene and linalool to CBD to get a more calming and sedating effect compared to a stimulating and energizing effect. THC by contrast is often much more sedating than CBD.

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What can both of us do with so much cannabis?

I live just an hour’s travel from the Gulf of Mexico, which is 1 of the greatest spots in the world to fish; My son-in-law Mikey will often come out with me.

All of us get up before dawn so that Mikey and I can be out in the open water ready to fish by first light. All of us head back in by noon, before the brutal humidity and heat of the noontime sun can wear us out. A few weeks ago Mikey and I were going back into the docks when our boat bumped up against something. Much to my shock and chagrin, it was a huge bale of cannabis. The way it was tightly wrapped up in a thick waterproof lining indicated that this cannabis was being smuggled into the country, and must have fallen overboard somehow. I wanted to keep on going, however before I could stop him Mikey grabbed the gaff and pulled the cannabis on board. Mikey said there must have been a hundred pounds of it, and the bale of cannabis had a street value of tens of thousands of dollars! Mikey had a lot more experience with cannabis than I did, and he had some large plans for this weed. Mikey told myself and others that the cannabis belonged to both of us, and he would split all profits from it with myself and others 50-50. I was just sad about having possession of this much marijuana, because if the law caught us both of us would seem like weed smugglers. I’m not a cannabis dealer, I’m just a normal fellow! On the other hand, could I absolutely walk away from tens of thousands of dollars?



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I found the most awesome product at the cannabis dispensary

You can never guess what kinds of awesome things you will discover at the cannabis dispensary.

I used to place my order on the website, then hit the drive-through window to option it up.

I always went to the same shop, and I ordered the same stuff, which in retrospect seems pretty boring. That was a few months ago, and now I have a whole different perspective. Cannabis dispensaries get shipments of current and exciting products every single week, and by not going inside I totally missed out on these products! I also wasn’t aware that the cannabis dispensary had a sale table, where they had old items discounted to an actually low price. To be clear, the sale table is not the place to get the freshest cannabis blends of the most exciting vape accessories. The sale table is where they place all the cannabis products that no 1 wanted to spend money full price for! The longer a product sits on the sale table, the lower the prices get, which is how I scored a six-pack of fruit cannabis drinks for multiple bucks. The cannabis drinks were supposed to expire in 2 days, so they had been marked down 90% from the original price! That was too nice a deal to turn down, especially since I had never tried cannabis drinks before. It took myself and others four mornings to consume all of the cannabis drinks, and I was high out of my brain the entire time! I don’t think if cannabis drinks are always this strong, or if being expired gave them a little extra kick, however they were an awesome discovery..


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Changing what I believe about cannabis

I reside in a small southern college town, where about half the population is made up by the student body.

These students come from all over the country, and many of them have never been so far into the deep south before.

This means that every year when hurricane season starts there are thousands of students who have zero idea how dangerous it can be. I live outside of town, and the next door neighbors are a gang of college teenagers. During the last hurricane I went over to check them out after the power went out, and found them smoking cannabis and playing some Beer Pong. Here I was being sad and stressed, and these teenagers were having a very fun time with marijuana, vodka, and beer. I made a option to relax and not worry about the storm. Toking a few hits of high-caliber cannabis helped to ease myself and others into a more chill mindstate! Eating a couple of 10mg cannabis edibles reinforced my choice, and had myself and others laying on the couch for four straight hours. All of us had a wonderful time that night, and it forever changed the way I deal with a hurricane. I still get lots of canned food and bottled water, and gas for my generator, however I also make sure to stock up on cannabis and cannabis edibles, too! As dangerous as a storm can be, the stress and worry can be just as dangerous, and cannabis absolutely helped to take the edge off. I have a vacuum-sealed jar in the pantry with an emergency stock of medical cannabis in preparation for the next large storm.


My first time in a proper cannabis dispensary blew my mind

The biggest thing I realized was that the marijuana Crazy Pete had been selling myself and others was of an exhausting quality

I used to have to buy all my weed from Crazy Pete who lives on a small farm outside of town, and for years that was the only option, unless I could grow my own marijuana plants at home. Believe me, I did try doing that more than once! I just have no talent for botany, and every attempt I made at growing marijuana wound up a complete failure. This is why I kept driving out to Crazy Pete’s farm to get my cannabis from him – because he was the only game in town. I was so thankful when a proper cannabis dispensary opened a few miles from here, because it meant I never had to see Pete again! I l gained a few interesting things from my first trip into the cannabis dispensary. The biggest thing I realized was that the marijuana Crazy Pete had been selling myself and others was of an exhausting quality. Think about it like this – if you’ve never had real hamburgers before, then the McDonald’s burger is pretty good, right? That’s how it was for myself and others and cannabis! I had never smoked real cannabis before, so I thought that this gnarly, ragweed from Crazy Pete was top notch! After a few puffs of Purple Haze in the parking lot I saw the truth. Not only did Crazy Pete carry a gun with him at all times, he was also peddling sub-par cannabis to people who didn’t think any better! Now that we have an official cannabis dispensary in town, I believe that Crazy Pete is going to lose all of his shoppers.
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A good hurricane party needs booze and cannabis

It did save my sanity, because spending multiple mornings having no WIFI or electricity would have been next to impossible without cannabis and cocktails on hand! I call it a “hurricane party” and supply myself permission to drink as much liquor and smoke as much marijuana as I can.

Right now the entire town is in such a panic. The town has barely recovered from the hurricane that hit a few weeks ago, and now another Cat 5 storm is on the way! Count your blessings if you are lucky enough to be far enough north that you won’t have to contend with these vicious and mean storms. Storms are just storms, however a hurricane feels like a storm that has anger problems and wants to hurt people! That last hurricane wiped out the entire trailer park outside of town, and shut down almost all stores for several mornings, before the current storm hits I need to make sure to stock up on all of the essentials, namely vodka and cannabis. I did the exact same thing before that last hurricane, and it was a life-saver! Not in the literal sense, of course, cannabis did not really save my life. It did save my sanity, because spending multiple mornings having no WIFI or electricity would have been next to impossible without cannabis and cocktails on hand! I call it a “hurricane party” and supply myself permission to drink as much liquor and smoke as much marijuana as I can. This is why other people dread more hurricanes and I look forward to them – because even in a worst case scenario I will be sipping liquor cocktails and smoking fat blunts of Blue Dream or Purple Haze. I even keep a few cannabis edibles nearby, just for a greater depth of my high. The only concern is that no matter how much cannabis I have, I always end up smoking it all while in the storm.

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Smart ways to shop at the cannabis dispensary

Here is a tip for the rookie cannabis user – don’t restrict your business to only 1 store, or to only 1 identifiable strain of cannabis.

  • It is vital to sample around with several products, and to explore different stores and dispensaries.

This isn’t like Burger King, where the stores are exactly the same. There are thousands of unique dispensaries in the country, and most of them are actually different from 1 another. I started making a regular tour through all 6 of the local cannabis dispensaries, so I could see what the most current products that had gained, and find out if they had any nice bargains. It might not be actually cute or sexy to admit to bargain-hunting for cannabis, however this practice has saved myself and others a ton of money over the last few months. Were you aware that most cannabis dispensaries have a sales bin, or a bargain section? Granted, the sale area will not contain the freshest or most exotic strains. In fact, most of the time it will be the cannabis products that no 1 wants to buy and are about to reach their expiration date… At times there will be a wonderful find, like the time I found a six-pack of cannabis drinks in the discount sales bin. It was sparkling fruit juice infused with cannabis and CBD. I had never tried any cannabis drinks before and they were deeply discounted, so I tried them out. The point is that you have to do the legwork and the research, to see what all the different cannabis dispensaries have to offer you, so that you can make the smartest and most financially sound purchase.



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This sweet and seasoned couple comes into the cannabis dispensary

Every week this elderly couple comes to my store… Always on a Sunday day, right after they finish with evening church service. These old timers always take their sweet time walking around the store, checking out any current arrivals that might have come in, before making a selection. The couple only ever buys multiple grams of cannabis, which apparently is enough to last them for a whole week. I smoke that many grams of cannabis each day by myself, however they smoke at a slower pace I suppose. Their names are Sam and Gus, and they have smoked cannabis together for well over fifty years. It’s a prefer story for the ages, and all the people here at the cannabis dispensary likes them to pieces, and last year for the 52nd wedding anniversary all of us at the cannabis dispensary chipped in to get them a bouquet of flowers and an extra sack of cannabis, then Sam and Gus grew their own cannabis plants at loft for over thirty years before the legalization reform happened, Sam prefers to joke that cannabis was only legalized because the government knew he was too seasoned to keep growing his own plants. The biggest bummer for myself and others is that my partner doesn’t smoke cannabis at all, and it’s something I wish I could share with her, but cannabis is such a wonderful way to bond with someone, because sharing a high together can be so incredibly intimate. A lot of fast friendships have formed over a joint of cannabis! Even if my partner never gets high on cannabis with me, I hope both of us can have as long and beautiful a relationship as Sam and Gus.
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