I didn't care for the flavor of the pre roll

Last Wednesday, Jack and I were both off work during the day. We decided to go to the lake to fish. Now is the perfect time of the year to spend the day at the lake. The weather is warm but not hot. The sun shines almost all day and the sky has been perfectly clear for weeks and weeks. It’s very rare for Jack and I to have a weekday off together, so we really wanted to take advantage of the unique occasion. When Jack mentioned going to the lake, I thought it was a great idea. I even went to the sporting goods store to buy a new fishing pole the night before we went to the lake. The marijuana dispensary is across the street from the sporting goods store. I went to the recreational marijuana dispensary after I was done buying a new fishing pole. The dispensary was having a sale on all of their pre-rolls that day. I purchased a couple of infused pre-rolls for Jack and I to smoke at the lake. One of the pre-rolls was a sativa called Jack Herer. I thought it was a little funny to smoke Jack Herer with my friend named Jack. The marijuana joint with Jack Herer was supposed to taste like lemonade. I did not care for the flavor of the free roll. I tasted a small amount of lemons, but the flavor wasn’t nearly as nice as I anticipated. The other pre-rolls were flavorful and high in THC. The only one we really didn’t like at all was the Jack Herer sativa blend.


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I spilled bong water all over the new rug

My girlfriend bought a new area rug for the living room.

She found the area rug on sale at one of the bargain retail centers.

The area rug matches all of our furniture perfectly. I honestly don’t like my girlfriend to spend money like that when she is out of the house without me, but the rug was a great deal and I’m very glad that she didn’t pass it up. The rug has circles and squares and it is a cream and light brown color. We placed the rug in the living room under the coffee table. The first day that we had the rug, I accidentally spilled bong water all over it. I was sitting on the couch with a water bong and a bag of recreational marijuana. I was a little high and a lot tired. I tried to put the bong on the edge of the table. The glass water bong was not secure and it fell off the table when the dog bumped the side of it. The water bong fell to the ground and water started gushing out of the mouthpiece. The water was all over the floor and the new rug. My girlfriend wasn’t home at the time. I tried to clean up all of the mess. I even got a hair dryer out of the bathroom so I could dry the spell before she got home. Unfortunately, the bong water caused an awful smell in the carpet and our whole living room smells like marijuana now. My girlfriend is seriously debating getting rid of the rug just so we can get rid of the nasty old bong water smell.

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The tree fell right on my car

There are some very large oak trees in the parking lot outside of the medical and recreational marijuana dispensary where I work.

Last week the owner of the business complex hired a company to cut down all of the trees.

I was definitely sad to see the trees go, but I knew it was necessary with the storm season on its way. Last year a car in the parking lot was completely smashed when a gust of wind knocked a tree over. The owner of the business complex was trying to keep that problem from happening again. Unfortunately, another car was damaged on the day that the trees were being removed by the professional company. It was my vehicle that was damaged. I had my car parked on the west side of the lot about 40 ft from the place where they work forming trees. Nobody was watching where the tree was going to fall and it swayed too far in the wind. When the guys dropped the tree it was right over my car. My car wasn’t smashed completely, but I was unable to drive it home. I heard the crash and immediately ran outside. It was as if I already knew that my car was in danger. The tree cutting company had to pay my insurance deductible and they had to pay for all of the damages. The owner of the business complex felt bad about the accident and he offered to pay for me to take a week of vacation at work. I’m at home getting paid my regular salary, but it’s totally inconvenient to have my car at the shop.


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I wanted to get high before we went to the movie

Before we went to the movies on Friday night, I told my girlfriend that I wanted to get high and smoke marijuana.

Crowds make me feel very nervous and I really don’t like to be around a lot of different people.

I wasn’t really looking forward to going to the movie, but I promised my girlfriend that we would go out. My girlfriend and I were running late on Friday. We both got into the shower when we got home from work. I told my girlfriend that I wanted to pack a bowl and smoke marijuana before we left. She complained about the time. She thought we were going to be late and she tried to tell me that there wasn’t enough time for me to smoke a bowl. That made me feel extremely anxious. We ended up getting into a massive argument, because I didn’t want to go to the movies if I couldn’t smoke first. My girlfriend said I was acting like a baby and I said she was being unreasonable. Both of us used words that weren’t very nice. My girlfriend ended up going to the movies with her friends and I stayed home. I thought about our argument the whole time that she was gone. When she finally came home from the movies, I told her that I thought we should sit down and talk. I was hoping that the two of us could come to some type of understanding, but she was still mad, angry, and defensive. We didn’t make up until Sunday afternoon. I think marijuana is going to be a sore subject for us.

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I tried to help the lady find a nice sativa for the morning

A customer came to the dispensary last week and asked me for some help choosing the right screen for her.

She was looking for a marijuana strain that she could use in the morning.

She needed something that would not make her drowsy. I recommended a sativa strain. She asked for some examples. My favorite sativa strain is blue dream and that was my recommendation to the customer. Blue Dream is a cross between blueberry and Haze. Blue Dream is an 80/20 sativa hybrid. It is most often categorized as a sativa. Blue Dream is a really nice sativa strain, for many different reasons. It tastes great, and it has a long-lasting high. It also provides natural pain relief without the drowsy feeling. I can run miles after smoking blue dream and I don’t feel tired at all. Most of the strains that offer great pain relief are sedatives and it’s hard for a customer to manage the tired feeling. I made the suggestion of Blue Dream and the customer purchased a vape pen as well as 1/8 of the same strain. I was working in the store a few days ago when the customer came to tell me about her experience with the product that I suggested. She had nothing but great things to say about the best sativa strain. She wanted me to tell her what additional products in the dispensary she could buy that contain this particular strain. I love being helpful, but it’s super nice when a customer comes back to thank me with enthusiasm.
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I could have been thrown off the place

When I was a teenager, my mom and dad got a divorce and my dad moved across the country.

I still visited with my dad during the summer, winter, and spring holidays.

I had to take an airplane to visit my dad. My mom did not go with me and I always rode on the airplane by myself. Sometimes there were other kids riding alone and we would sit together. One time I met this guy named Brian. Brian was 15 and I was fourteen at the time. When Brian got on the airplane, he showed me a marijuana joint. I didn’t think that marijuana joint was real and then Brian told me to smell it. It was a horrible and disgusting smell and I knew it was marijuana. Brian told me that he was going to smoke the marijuana joint after the plane was in the air. I begged the guy not to do that. I was afraid we would get into serious trouble. I was afraid they would land the plane in the middle of the forest. When Brian dared me to smoke the joint too, I wanted to say no. I knew it was stupid and dangerous to smoke marijuana on an airplane. I told Brian no way and he called me a baby. About five minutes later, the air marshall was wrestling Brian to the ground and placing him in handcuffs for the duration of the flight. Thank goodness I said no to the marijuana and the terrible idea that my new friend came up with.

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The new guy took my weekend schedule

I’ve been complaining to my boss about my schedule for a while now. I do not like working nights and weekends. I have two small children at home and I like to be with them when school is out. I also prefer to be with them when they are home for the weekend. On some weekends the kids go to their Dads house and on other weekends, they are at home with me. Until a couple of months ago, I had to work even when the kids were at home. My boss told me that he would try to find someone to help out with the extra weekend shift, but he never hired anyone. I reminded him that I did not want to work every weekend. He told me that he was still looking for someone. The boss caught me by surprise last week when he told me that he found a new budtender to work at the dispensary every single weekend. The new budtender took my weekend chefs. In fact, the guy took my entire old schedule. The boss made me a brand new schedule so I could be home with my children more frequently. I still have a full-time schedule with all of the hours I need, but now I don’t have to work on the weekends at all. When the kids are home, I can spend time with them. When the kids are away, I can concentrate on myself. My boss certainly made good on his promise and my quality of life has improved since the new changes were made.


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The indica strain was really potent

My friends and I went to the dispensary on Tuesday.

While we were there, we talked to a representative from one of the new indoor farms.

The indoor farm had a brand-new infused product available. The infused Indica strain was supposed to have 47% THC. The representative from the company was offering eighths of the infused product for free with any purchase from their product line. I decided to buy a vape pen cartridge. My friend Jack bought another eighth of indoor flower. Both of us left the store with a free eighth of indoor flower. I smoke every single day, so I wasn’t particularly concerned with the effects from the Indica marijuana strain. As soon as Jack and I got back to his apartment, I opened up my bag and the two of us smoked a really big bowl. The marijuana flavor was exceptional. It tasted a little bit like grapes or berries. It was hard to pinpoint the flavor, but it was very tasty and delicious. We smoked a second and then a third bowl of the marijuana flower product. The Indica strain was really potent. It made me feel much more tired and relaxed than I expected. I must have fallen asleep on Jack’s couch, because I woke up and it was dark outside. Jack was asleep in the chair and there was a full, packed bowl sitting on the table. The TV was still on the sports channel. Even the radio was still playing in the distance. It was as if the two of us passed out at the same time.



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Studies suggest the opposite of what the doctor was saying

I spoke to my primary care physician about medical cannabis.

The guy didn’t seem like he wanted to offer much information on the subject.

I knew that ptsdee was a problem that could be helped by the use of medical marijuana. I knew my doctor could not prescribe medical marijuana, but I thought he could point me in the right direction. He was less than forthcoming with any of the information. I researched a few different places close to my home and I found an educational seminar at the Health Center for Women. The free educational seminar was offered once a month on Saturdays at 10 am. The next class was that weekend and I decided to go. I was amazed by all of the information that I learned during the one hour educational seminar on cannabis use. When I was done with the seminar, I was ready to sign up. Thankfully there were technicians and clinicians there to help me get started. A dr. certified me on the spot and a clinician helped me sign up for all of the necessary paperwork that I needed online. The process was relatively smooth, simple, and pain-free. The next week I met with my doctor and I told him that I signed up for the program. I could tell from the look on his face that he was not very happy with my decision. It seems like it is time for me to look for a new primary health care physician. I need to find someone who is thinking about the future and not holding on to the past.

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The lounge opened on Friday and it wasn't very busy

A few months ago, the marijuana dispensary where I work started to construct a cannabis smoking Lounge in the space next to the dispensary.

When I heard about the cannabis Lounge, I was very excited about the possibilities.

The owner of the dispensary bought the office space next to the dispensary. He started tearing down the walls to make room for all of the items that he wanted to have inside of the lounge. The owner bought eight large televisions for the lounge along with several comfortable couches and chairs. He went to a Goodwill store and purchased a few different board games that seemed like fun. When the Cannabis Lounge was open for business, I expected the place to be packed with people. Opening day was Friday, and only a couple of people ended up visiting the lounge. No one stayed at all during the day for more than a couple of minutes. The owner was surprised by the lack of turnout. Next week he is going to try something different to attract a larger crowd. He is going to host a trivia night and the winner of the trivia game will receive a $100 gift card to spend in the cannabis dispensary. The free giveaway should really attract customers to the Cannabis Lounge, even if they don’t purchase anything in the store. The owner spent a lot of money and time to get the lounge up and running. He isn’t going to stop trying new ideas until the lounge and seating area is a huge success

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I prefer to smoke marijuana all day every day

Since I started smoking marijuana in the day and the afternoon, I have noticed a decrease in the amount of stress, depression and anxiety that I assume each day

When I first began to use recreational marijuana, I only got blazed in the afternoons or the evenings, when I got back to the beachside house from work. I did not smoke during the day, because I did not want marijuana to affect our work. I didn’t want to arrive for work slurring our words for acting stoned. After I began respectfully using marijuana a little more frequently, I started smoking out in the mornings before I went to work. I typically smoke a sativa strain like yellow dream, Jack Herer, or silver chalice haze. These sativa strains don’t make me assume tired. I can unquestionably function throughout the shift while still enjoying the benefits of medical and recreational marijuana. So far none of our office mates or our boss have questioned me at all. They have absolutely noticed that I have increased our output, but no 1 unquestionably knows why. Each day before I go to work, I smoke a massive bowl of sativa and it makes me assume ready for that day and energized. Since I started smoking marijuana in the day and the afternoon, I have noticed a decrease in the amount of stress, depression and anxiety that I assume each day. The anxiety at work used to be troubling, but thanks to medical and recreational marijuana, I can finally relax and be comfortable at work with unquestionably little stress and worry. The boss recently told us about a big promotion and I have seriously been considering applying for the task. With things going this great right now, it seems like the perfect time for me to apply for a current task.

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The shopper tried to order items from the online menu

The online order form for the cannabis dispensary is set up in a puzzling way.

Customers can add any items to the shopping cart that they want.

When the shopper reaches the weekly threshold, the cart will automatically close itself and no longer allow you to add anything to the shopping cart. The first time I ordered from the cannabis dispensary, I couldn’t believe that was the rule. Items in our order kept disappearing and I was getting incredibly pissed off. I called the marijuana dispensary and I sat on hold for 15 fourths before someone came to the cellphone. The lady on the line told me about the online order form and how the cart worked. Since then, I typically go to the dispensary to option out our products. It just seems easier to have someone manage our order so I don’t have to. I visited the dispensary last Tuesday when everything in the store was on sale. I thought the front lobby would be unquestionably busy, but there were only a couple of people waiting when I arrived around 10 in the AM. I went right back to the pharmacy section and talked with a budtender. The lady told me about the various weekly specials. We were having an intense conversation about sativa blends and hybrid marijuana strains when someone interrupted our conversation. The older customer was complaining about coming to the dispensary. He wanted to order online but the shopping cart was not working. I wondered if he was having the exact same problem that I had encountered previously.



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The lemonade flavored cannabis was kind of nice

I decided to buy the marijuana pre-rolled joint, even though it was high priced

My friend Bob and I went to the marijuana dispensary on Tuesday. We were headed out to the river to spend a day fishing for pike and garfish. On our way to the river, both of us stopped at a marijuana dispensary… Recreational marijuana use has only been legal here since the start of the year. We already had medical marijuana legal beforehand, so there were plenty of dispensaries to start selling marijuana as soon as the law was changed. I like to use recreational marijuana on the weekends when I don’t have to go to work. Recreational marijuana makes me assume unquestionably calm and ecstatic. Often I am filled with a ton of anxiety, but the recreational marijuana products unquestionably help with the symptom of our mental illness. When Bob stopped at the marijuana dispensary, both of us found out that they were having a sale on all of the marijuana flowers and the pre-rolls. Pre-rolls can be a bit upscale, but since they were on sale, I decided to browse through the selection. I was unquestionably interested in a pre-roll that was supposed to taste like tangy lemonade. The infused pre-roll was $26 for a 1.5 gram joint, but it was infused with cannabis distillate, bubble hash, and indoor flower. The budtender said that the joint unquestionably tasted just like fresh split lemons. I decided to buy the marijuana pre-rolled joint, even though it was high priced. The lemonade flavored pre-roll was really kind of delightful. It unquestionably tasted like lemons and had an unquestionably strong citrus flavor. I smoked through half of the joint and then I had to put the marijuana down until later.

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