A mouth spray to help at work

A few hits of that and I am golden.

I am a cannabis user but I strictly stay with edibles. I don’t want to smoke anything, that just seems not very healthy. I also don’t like that you need a bunch of tools with it as well. Concentrates are a bit potent for my needs. A topical can’t really get you high unless it is the patch form and that just seems weird. Edibles are so versatile too. You don’t have to just stick with the typical pot brownie. There are all sorts of THC and CBD infused goods. You can make cookies, cakes, hard candies and chocolates. You can even do gummy, tablet, gum and mint form as well. There are even cannabis drinks like sodas and teas available. Also cannabutter and a cannabis cooking oil is another way to get the marijuana into your body. I like to use mouth spray. It is a THC infused mouth spray with just the right amount of CBD. I get a little stressed out when I am working. When I feel myself start to clench my teeth and get a headache, I take a few hits of my mouth spray. It has an orange like flavor and doesn’t leave any sort of smell on me. A lot of people think I am just using a breath spray. A few hits of that and I am golden. My state offers recreational cannabis. It isn’t a taboo thing to be high at work either. However, I do like that my mouth spray is quite discreet. I really don’t want to advertise what I am doing.

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Moving here came with access to cannabis dispensary

It absolutely feels like a bonus to have this relocation be to a state where medical marijuana plus recreational marijuana have both been made legal.

That’s something that comes as sort of an added bonus to what I hope becomes the greatest chapter in my life.

I’m making a bit of a lateral career transfer these afternoons but it’s now with the intention of furthering my career somewhere else. And if I can go to the local cannabis spot as well, then I’m doing pretty good. The fact was that time had come for a modern locale plus a modern start. My marriage ended plus ended really badly. That was something that was so blindsiding plus out of the purple. 1 afternoon things were okay plus the next he told myself and others it was over. This was the same person who I met in college over a pot brownie session. I had finally l gained wisdom of how to properly prepare some pot brownies plus he happened to be visiting my neighbor. This time around, I figured out how to infuse the marijuana plus its THC pleased into the oil used for making the pot brownies. That was the trick plus those edibles were out of sight. So hopefully, maybe I will meet someone nice at the local cannabis spot who might love to share a cannabis edible. I’ve only been staying here a few weeks so I’ve only been to the local cannabis spot a few times. But oh boy, the folks there are all so kind plus wonderful people. Plus, they have the most amazing varieties of cannabis products ever.

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Getting a lot more from rehab with cannabis products

When I nearly got destroyed in a motor bike accident, it put myself and others in the hospital for just over a week.

There were a handful of painful surgeries plus other stuff that required myself and others to be in the hospital.

Towards the end, the physical therapy and rehab process started. This was truly torture as my body wanted no part in moving the way I was being asked to. But with help from cannabis products that I can now buy legally from the cannabis dispensary, I’m getting even more out of that physical therapy. It’s a wonderful thing for sure because had I stayed with the prescription pain pills I was leaning on to get through PT, I’d be addicted by now. I talked to my doc plus my physical therapist who both have seen great results for people using both indica plus sativa products. I had smoked some recreational marijuana back in the afternoons, although I gave it up because of the smoking. I tried a few of my friends’ attempts at making pot brownies but it just wasn’t in the cards I guess. Well thankfully, I can now just go into the local cannabis spot plus get the cannabis edibles that help myself and others so much. There isn’t any need to smoke cannabis products these afternoons. That makes it possible for myself and others to receive the benefits of the indica strains that help my body so much. I have a much better range of motion plus the stiffness is so much less. But it’s also the sativa strains for sale that have made such a large difference in keeping myself and others hopeful plus motivated to healing myself.
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The locally owned pet store has pet CBD products on sale this weekend

Now that I have dogs again, I’m realizing just how much money it costs to be a pet owner.

Everyone tells you to think about veterinarian bills, but this is just part of the battle.

There’s also the concern of food and general supplies like bedding and carriers/cages. I wouldn’t want to have pets either if I couldn’t even afford additional things like toys and gasoline for trips to the park in the car. I guess if you live really close to the nearest park and don’t have to pay too much for pet food, you could make it work. Thankfully I’m not so strapped for cash that I’m forced to go without when it comes to my pets. Both of my dogs are over 40 pounds so they eat a lot of food. I get the massive bags for bulk prices at the warehouse store I subscribe to, but that doesn’t cover flea and tick medication and heartworm drugs. My dogs also tend to get a lot of anxiety whenever we’re not at home, as evidenced on our home surveillance cameras. A friend of ours recommended that we try pet CBD products from this locally owned pet store as they were having a sale that week. At regular prices, pet CBD products can get a little pricey. I was happy that they worked so well for our dogs, but I was also a little worried about sourcing them regularly at those prices. Luckily, I found an online source for pet CBD products to use whenever the local pet store isn’t running a sale of their own. Right now they have their pet CBD products on sale for 30% off the normal price.


The locally owned pet store has pet CBD products on sale this weekend

A dispensary consulting service told me how to start my business.

Although my dream was to own a marijuana dispensary one day, I didn’t know how to do it.

Even though I knew a lot about marijuana and my mom had a small sewing business, I still knew nothing about opening a dispensary.

Mom told me she had gone to the Chamber of Commerce to learn how to open her business, but I wasn’t so sure that would help me. The Chamber of Commerce worked with small business owners, and I wasn’t sure they would consider my marijuana dispensary a small business. I knew I couldn’t be the owner of a medical marijuana dispensary. I was fairly certain I would need knowledge about medical marijuana, but I wasn’t sure about the paperwork I was going to need to apply for the loans, licenses, and other applications that went with owning a cannabis dispensary. Mom asked if I had considered talking to a dispensary consulting service? I didn’t know what a consulting service was. Mom explained that a consulting service would have the answers to all my questions. They were already armed with the knowledge of the laws that pertained to marijuana dispensaries. They could help me fill out all the paperwork, applications, and licenses I had to deal with. I was wondering if I shouldn’t have talked to mom before I got into the cannabis dispensary industry. She already knew more than I did, unless we were talking about recreational marijuana. She had already taught me about dispensary consulting services and the importance of hiring a consulting service before I went too far with my business venture.
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I try not to complain as long as I have marijuana

I have a couple of kids at home and they drive me crazy.

I love my children, but sometimes I have to get out of the house or I will strangle them.

I go to the golf course on Saturdays and Sundays to play a game. I always take plenty of recreational marijuana with me. Recreational marijuana makes me feel very calm and relaxed. Most of my golfing buddies use recreational marijuana as well. Jack brought a different type of blunt last time we went to the golf course. I smoked the one and it put me on my butt. I had a hard time driving the golf cart and my game was out the window. There was no way I was going to part any hole when I was that high. Jack thought it was funny, but I was wrecked. Even after we finished 18 holes, I was still pretty high. Jack suggested another 18, but I thought it was best just to go to the driving range. We had some burgers and hit some balls so I could sober up before I drove back home to my wife and my kids. I had five drives that were over 300 yards that day. I couldn’t hit a ball to save my life when I was out on the course, but I was hitting whoppers right and left when we were on the driving range. I guess I was just more relaxed and less tense. I wish I could hit a 300 yard drive when I am playing golf with my boss and colleagues. Those seem to be the days when I can’t get anything past 2:40 or 250.
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Treating pain with cannabis

A balance of THC and CBD is better for long-term care

Cannabis is often used to alleviate pain. Pain can be caused by a variety of issues, making it a bit of a challenge to choose the right cannabis product. It is helpful to know which cannabinoids have proven to treat specific types of pain. There is nociceptive pain, neuropathic pain and central pain and each type has a unique treatment strategy. It is possible to have an injury yet experience little to no pain. It’s also possible to have no injury and yet suffer pain. The body’s endocannabinoid system is made up of receptors that communicate signals to the brain. The brain decides the strength of pain sensation. The active compounds in cannabis, such as THC, bind to those receptors and can influence the messages that are sent to the brain. Nociceptive pain is the result of tissue damage and described as sharp, throbbing or aching pain caused by physical damage. The injured tissues reach out to inflammatory and immune cells to make repairs. These cells activate receptors on nerves that travel to the brain and cause the sensation of pain. Both THC and CBD can prove helpful. THC works to activate CB2 receptors in the immune system to lessen both pain and inflammation. CBD works by blocking inflammatory mediators and activating repair strategies. Neuropathic pain is caused by damage to the body’s nervous system. The pain is described as pinching and stabbing. An over-activation of CB1 receptors due to high THC content can be problematic. A balance of THC and CBD is better for long-term care. Central pain can be difficult to treat because it often lacks a known cause. CBD- dominant products offer a helpful, long-term treatment and relief from chronic pain.


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The entourage effect

A close look at cannabis buds reveals sticky, glistening hair-like trichomes covering the surface.

  • This resin offers hundreds of therapeutic compounds that are responsible for the effects and properties of cannabis.

The belief that different cannabis compounds work together to provide unique effects and enhanced benefits is called the entourage effect. Most cannabis consumers are aware of the plant’s two most abundant and famous cannabinoids. Along with THC and CBD, there are a long list of other compounds produced by the plant in lesser quantities. These compounds contribute to the overall effects produced by a particular strain. Smoking or vaping cannabis introduces hundreds of botanical compounds into the lungs and body. Each one delivers unique effects. The behavior of the compound changes in the presence of other compounds. This entourage effect can be used to advantage. A recent study administered either a pure THC extract or an extract with equal levels of THC and CBD to cancer patients. Those patients receiving the combination of THC and CBD reported less pain. THC, CBD, CBN, CBC, CBG and dozens of cannabinoids as well as terpenes add up to a synergistic effect that is truly exciting. The possibilities of downplaying the negative side-effects and customizing medicinal treatments are nearly endless. Unfortunately, proof is hard to come by. There are limited studies exploring the potential of the entourage effect. It’s still a theory backed up by lots of success stories from cannabis enthusiasts and patients experimenting with various strains. When shopping for cannabis products, full-spectrum options contain more chemical compounds. Those formulated to contain only a single compound, such as CBD, are called isolates.


I can’t believe how much Jax loves working there

My friend Jax started working at a local recreational cannabis store whenever he came home from college last month.

He ended up his classes in May and he knew that he was going to have to find something to do while he was home for the summer.

This new recreational cannabis store had opened up recently and they still needed people to come there to work. Jax saw the ad for the recreational cannabis store and he immediately knew that he wanted to work there. Whenever he told me that he wanted to go to work there, I was a little bit surprised. Jax came from a rather straight laced family and they never really believed that people should use cannabis at all. I asked Jax what he thought about it and he told me that he never really had the same ideas about cannabis that the rest of his family had. I guess that made sense, because Jax threw himself into the job at the recreational cannabis dispensary with a lot of vigor. He has been working there almost non-stop and he absolutely loves it. Even though he has only been there for a month now, he is already taking classes so that he can learn more about cannabis products and things like that. He says that he may even decide to stay there and work whenever his classes resume because he may want to go into business for himself eventually. I never thought that he would ever become so interested in cannabis that he would want to own his own cannabis dispensary!



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You never know what you’re going to find when you are on vacation

Over the years, we have gone to a lot of different places on vacation.

  • I love to travel and so does my husband.

We always try to find different places to go to whenever we are going on vacation or on a family trip. It’s fun to explore and to try new foods and experiences. I think that is one of the best things about traveling. Anyway, this past year whenever we were on a family vacation, we had the best time that we have ever had. My kids are all now adults and we still decided that we were all going to go on vacation together. We wanted to have a fun family vacation and we talked about doing things together like drinking and things like that since the kids are all old enough. However, whenever we got to our vacation rental, we noticed that there was a brand new recreational cannabis dispensary right down the street from us. Now, my husband and I are not really cannabis aficionados at all, but we knew that our kids had partaken quite a bit whenever they were in college. As a family, we all decided that we were going to go over to the cannabis dispensary and try some stuff out! It was all very exciting for all of us and we picked out some new pear flavored edibles while we were there. We tried them all together and it was a bonding experience for us as a family, to say the least! We had a great time with our cannabis edibles.


You never know what you’re going to find when you are on vacation

Frozen pizzas are the way to go on a busy night

One thing was a glass bong for smoking marijuana.

Friday night, I was tired and hungry. All I wanted to do was get home and put a frozen pizza in the microwave. Traffic was heavy and my day at the office had been a nightmare. My boss yelled at me for an hour over something that was not my fault at all. When I tried to interrupt him to make my case, he threatened to suspend me for 3 days for insubordination. After that, it was best to let him keep yelling at me for a while. I had a headache by the end of the day and I was totally aggravated. One of my coworkers asked if I wanted to go to the bar after work instead of going home. I thought about the decision for a few minutes, but I really just wanted to go home and put up my feet and relax. I pulled into the driveway of my home at approximately 7:30. I felt like I was starving. The first thing I did was put a pizza into the oven. I picked a pizza with sausage and pepperoni and mushrooms. I sat down in front of my computer for a few minutes. I went through my personal email and checked on a couple of things on eBay that I was bidding on. One thing was a glass bong for smoking marijuana. The glass bong was handmade and one of the coolest pieces that I have ever seen. I was honestly surprised that eBay allowed the sale, because it is a bone that can be used for smoking marijuana. I noticed that someone else had overbid me a couple of times. I made sure to set my highest price a little bit higher so I would be guaranteed to win the marijuana bong.

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I needed to calm down and relax

I have been feeling particularly stressed out and it has been hard to relax.

I tried drinking a glass of red wine, but it didn’t help much at all.

I told one of my co-workers that I have been feeling very stressed out and he asked me if I wanted recreational marijuana. The guy had a couple of joints in his truck and he said he would get one for me if I wanted to try it out. I had not previously considered using medical or recreational marijuana at all. When I was in high school, I thought all of the guys and girls that smoked marijuana were stoners and losers. I certainly didn’t want to turn into one of those people. I said no to the marijuana joint the first time that my coworker offered. Yesterday I was having a stressed out day as well and I was ready to lose my mind. At lunch time, my coworker told me to come with him to the parking lot. He got out a marijuana joint from his car and he lit it up. I asked him if he was worried that we were going to get caught and he told me that he smokes weed everyday at lunch time. I was very concerned about going back into work feeling high, but I decided to take a couple of hits off the marijuana joint. The strain was called Blue dream. My friend said it was supposed to taste like blueberries. I honestly did not think it tasted like a berry at all. It tasted like a plant if you ask me. I did not really enjoy the flavor, but I got super high off two hits from the marijuana joint. It was hard to focus at work for the rest of the day, but I didn’t feel any stress at all.

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The hotel desk clerk was an old friend

I honestly don’t remember a lot of people from my childhood. It was more than 20 years ago and I never enjoyed school very much. When I left elementary and high school, I didn’t really stop to turn around and look back. I never went through my old high school yearbook to look at old pictures of my friends and I didn’t join social media platforms so we could keep in touch. I never really knew anything about my old classmates after we left. A few weeks ago I ran into a guy that was on the cross country running team with me. The guy’s name is jack. Jack was working at a hotel where my wife and I stayed for the weekend. He was working at the front desk. I honestly don’t think he was the manager, but I could not tell. I recognized Jack as soon as I saw him. He knew my face as well. We exchanged some pleasantries and we made plans to get together and catch up later that evening. We met at the hotel bar. Before we started drinking, Jack asked if I wanted to go out back to smoke a marijuana joint before we sat down. I always knew that Jack smoked marijuana in high school, but now I was confirming that for sure. I hesitated at first, but then I thought why not have a little fun. We smoked a marijuana joint and then we went back into the bar to drink some beers. I was totally stoned and drunk by the time I went back to the hotel room to see my wife. She knew that I had a good time with my old friend just by the look on my face.


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