Somewhere last night, I dropped my bag of weed

Every one of us finished our task way early so that we could spend time with friends plus watch a little bit of TV before there was a midnight football game.

It would regularly start at Eastern time but that is much later for my family’s plus myself who are living somewhere else. We frequently have to rush back home after our task is over just so we can catch the first half. Every one of us have taken off early so we can be in that place when the ball is immediately kicked. We found it to be snowing lately when there was office area but it is far too concerning when we have to deal with the weather. My friends plus myself have been meeting at the bar that is genuinely close to the apartment area. I don’t regularly have to drive because of the fact that it is close. I had gone home to take a shower and then found my hair to be a mess. I have to brush my teeth and get everything done before the snowfall was increasing. I finished getting everything done and the snowflakes were getting to be bigger. I could barely walk over to the tavern without falling down on my butt. I tried to smoke a marijuana joint on the way to the pub but my hands were frozen. The marijuana joint would have tasted good if I would have been able to keep it let. Unfortunately I only spoke about a quarter of the marijuana joint.



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The end of the day always gets me

Moving was regularly one fantastic idea because everyone of us are closer to our task plus much of the fun night life.

Everyone of us are in a building where many apartments give us access to a hallway that makes the apartment building feel like a motel or in.

They’re even is an elevator as well. My home is directly in the row of doors plus I find myself close to the fifth floor of this multiple building. I don’t hear a lot of noises from outside unless everyone of us are sitting near the window in that residing room. My office plus my desk are regularly situated in the living room corner. I thought it would be fun to take my pet for a morning walk plus found myself with the sunlight shining. I smoke some cannabis in the park while my friend was doing his business and it took a long time for the dog to get the task completed. After some time had passed I realized that my dog wanted to keep walking plus ice lit up another marijuana joint. I didn’t mind taking my dog to have a long walk because that is something that is not too bad when you are living in the city. When everyone of us hit that Lobby running and realized that it was raining though, we went back upstairs and decided not to go for a walk after all. I knew that my pre-roll would be wet plus ruined plus there were only a couple of extras left in that pack.

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I flew into the city to be with my friends

My partner plus myself went to a different city so that we could visit some friends that were not far from our home. Everyone of us regularly stay back at our home for the holidays plus regularly lounge around this house. Now for this year I was insistent that every one of us make some very good use of our time by using it to see friends or perhaps go on a vacation. The two of us were happy to have something fun to do. Everyone of us decided to go to a fantastic fun place that had exciting night life. The place had casinos that were open every single day of the week plus 24 hours plus the bars plus none of the clubs seem to close. During one night when everyone of us went to the city, every one of us ran directly into friends. We did not specifically know that these people were going to be there and it turned out to be a crazy coincidence. Everyone of us made some plans so that we could see something later that weekend. It turned out to be a show that I was not particularly excited about. Luckily, my partner said that the two of us could go to a cannabis shop as well as get something that would make the whole theater experience much more enjoyable. The cannabis shop had Elixir and bizarre flavors such as lemon lime, wild cherry, plus bubblegum. You would think that bubblegum would be a weird flavor for the Cannabis edibles but that was the number one pic by the budtender.
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The flavor of the chocolate was greatly enhanced

Last week when every one of us went to the marijuana shop, we were sitting there with some leftover distillates that we purchased during the time when we had multiple grams of banana og.

Every one of us were on Shore about why there was banana OG left over but it was perfectly fantastic for us to believe genuinely relax plus very calm.

We weren’t particularly sure what type of things we could do with this indicate but all of us knew that the holidays were certainly around the corner and we would be able to do good things if we had popcorn balls. My family plus myself regularly made popcorn balls where everyone of us were kids. It was a time that I remember being a lot of fun for my family plus myself. It has easily been a lot of time since the time when I was making popcorn balls however that distillates offered me a couple of fantastic ideas. Chocolate plus marijuana products genuinely mixed well together. There is something about marijuana that enhances the taste of chocolate plus makes the effect of the drug even greater. The natural terpenes inside of the cocoa plant have chocolate inside and perhaps it is due to the cannabinoids. I have coded many of the popcorn balls with this cannabis infused marijuana and chocolate. Every one of us let it stay overnight so there was time for the chocolate to hard and not crack. Drippy balls are never a good idea when you’re giving your best to a friend.


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Drinking and smoking can cause crazy vivid dreams

This year to celebrate all of the holidays my friends plus myself went to a club.

We do not frequently go to clubs but the both of us felt like dancing plus drinking.

My friends absolutely wanted to go along because it was the New Year’s Eve holiday. It would have been great just to stay back at the house that Saturday to watch the other people act silly, but we actually ended up having some fun. Everyone of us decided to smoke some marijuana plus also drink alcohol. Everyone of us do not frequently use recreational marijuana products or even drink alcohol but every once in awhile we will have some wine. Every one of us had some tequila shots plus beers and all of this happened at the club. By the end of the evening when it was 9:00 p.m., I had a pretty big buzz. My friends plus myself would believe it much better when we smoke recreational marijuana. We would all go to the automobile plus all of us would be smoking marijuana and take kids from joints. Everyone of us were thinking that the marijuana strains were genuinely flavorful. Every one of us did not want to know what the strain was however the marijuana strain smelled strong plus easily potent. My friends plus myself were giggly plus laughing even before we went back to the club for a night on the town. When we were done we certainly wanted to go to get some food at the diner that is down the street from the club area.


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My partner wanted to move too

When my partner plus myself decided to transfer over to the West coast, everyone of us thought it was a crazy idea. She was hoping to sell the home plus transfer across half of the country and go to a place where neither a single of us were ever in the past. There were many fantastic reasons for us to move. My partner had an opportunity to task in a company that really offered a lot more currency as well as a better job title. It was certainly difficult for the two of us to turn this down. There was another fantastic reason for us to transfer and that was when legal recreational plus medical marijuana was issued. Everyone of us wanted to go to a different place where marijuana was legalized so that we would be able to much easier purchase the medical products that the people I was with plus myself regularly use every day. And after everyone of us moved, we were regularly shocked by the different plus bizarre products that were regularly available inside of the dispensary. Both of us had a selection like nothing that people I was with plus myself had regularly seen in the past and although we found some products that were things that we recognize, most of the things were not. We found products that we absolutely loved in our number one product was definitely edibles. Everyone of us likes to have edibles that are from the dispensary and it is much easier to have those than the ones that you make at home.

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Everyone liked being able to smoke some weed

Every one of us did something very bizarre and strange this year for the holiday celebration.

Every one of us usually get a bizarre assortment of drinks plus alcohols nice like eggnog.

I have the event cared at my place from a local place that everyone seems to love. Then last year the people I was with plus myself had an enchilada plus Taco bar. This year every one of us had several different types of fondue. I went to a recreational marijuana shopping place and I looked at all of their pre-rolled marijuana joints. Every one of us have like to use recreational marijuana for a while. My friends plus myself use recreational marijuana. I was worried about sharing enjoying with them because they are still not vaccinated. I found a package of joints in the dispensary that had 24 joints in the package and they were only $100. There was enough joints for every single person to try a single if they wanted. All of the pre-rolls were a huge celebration hit. When my friends saw the joints and grab some singles, people were outside laughing and carrying on and really getting along. The two of us had fun during that night and the celebration easily carried on until the very next day when things were over. Every one of us had a great fun that night plus the celebration lasted until multiple early hours of the morning. I know that all of us will add up with our family traditions that we have each year.



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The tincture could have taste better

My hubby plus myself visited the city.

While we were there, every one of us decided to visit a recreational plus medical marijuana shop and it was our first time.

All of us believed it would be absolutely cool plus very interesting to see a recreational plus medical marijuana shop. My husband plus myself had never seen a marijuana dispensary in the past. There weren’t any marijuana shops in the small town where my hobby and I were from. However there were easily a dozen places more than an hour from us in the city. One time when we were in the city we talked about buying some to use at home. My hubby plus myself then went to the marijuana shop on the 9th day when everyone was in the city. The selection was relatively amazing and there were more than 100 products available at the shop. They had dozens of bizarre items. They had drives marijuana flower, edibles and a large assortment of other marijuana products. The selection of products was seriously amazing and lots of them were available at the marijuana shop. There was dried marijuana flower, pre rolls, edibles, concentrates, plus a huge variety of tinctures. One brand of tinctures had 20 bizarre flavors that included strawberry, banana orange mocha, and vanilla. The flavor of the vanilla tincture was not exceptional but I didn’t realize that until I got home and we tried the item. An early ended up getting rid of the whole bottle and I really hated to throw it away but the flavor of the marijuana tincture was positively awful and gross.


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The sales and specials included all store products

The marijuana shop near everyone of us has fantastic sales plus specials during those days of the week.

During these times every one of us can buy more than a couple of items and also receive a second item that is half off.

Every one of us can mix plus match the boring plus basic deals. The second item that you get has to be the cheapest of the numerous but the people I was with plus myself can easily get anything that we want. When the sale started multiple weeks ago, I want to get some cannabis concentrate plus another single that was half off. Then last week I went to the dispensary and decided that it would be more appropriate to buy a whole ounce of dried flower. I got 2 G of concentrate too. But the dried marijuana flower was easily the highest price item in the box. I paid a full price fee for that item but I got one gram of cannabis concentrate at half price. I chose cannabis concentrates that were strains I had not used before like Gorilla Glue number four. I got a high bridge string called Girl Scout cookies. This particular hybrid strain made me realize genuinely relaxed Plus pain-free. Many hybrids will make me believe sleepy but the both of us were really ecstatic to find the Girl Scout cookies strain. Next time there is a string called ethos cookies and I plan to buy that. There’s about 50 different strains of marijuana concentrate and it’s going to take a long time to smoke everything.

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I can't count on the delivery service right now

Everyone in my house gets paid at the beginning of the month.

It’s important for everyone of us to budget our currency absolutely well. When everyone of us don’t have currency at the end of the month, every one of us can be in important trouble. Every one of us get paid on the 1st and that’s when I fill up my automobile with gas and pay my electric bills comment insurance, plus rent. I go to The Dispensary as well and stock up on medical marijuana supplies. Medical marijuana is relatively overpriced in this area. I wish I didn’t have to spend as much money. It certainly would be much easier for me to maintain mental health that is good if marijuana was not so overpriced. Sometimes when it is the first of the month, everyone of us order from a City Delivery service. Unfortunately, the delivery service will only come to the house for that minimum amount due to how far away it is. This particular marijuana dispensary was closed down that day. Instead we decided to get items from a delivery service nearby. The delivery service will only go to the address if all of us order $200 or more of items. We’re 35 minutes from that delivery service and dispensary. Would you send a call to see if they would deliver to our area. They said that they do not normally make deliveries that far out, but they had someone that was leaving to go to a job down there and they could bring all of the supplies to me at the same time.

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I lost my entire stash of weed

I finished my toilet early so I can spend time with friends plus watch the Monday night pigskin game.

It starts at numerous PM Eastern time.

That’s about five for my friends plus myself that are on the west coast. All of us usually rush around our condo for several or more minutes before we actually start out to drive to the stadium. During this last week, all of us got done with our work early so we could be there at the time when the ball was first kicked. It was snowing pretty lightly when all of us left the office but it wasn’t concerning us too much about the weather. My friends plus myself were meeting at a close bar that was adjacent to our apartment. I didn’t have to drive because it was close. I got like condo plus decided to take a long shower. I was freezing by the time I got out of the shower. It was also snowing much harder. The snowflakes were much bigger now plus it was going to be hard to walk to the tavern separate from freezing to death. I smoked a marijuana joint on the way there plus my hands were nearly Frozen by the time I arrived. Thankfully the marijuana joint tasted good. When I got right to the bar and everything was done, I looked at my shirt plus my sweater plus I could not find my marijuana vape pen anywhere at all. I must have lost it somewhere in the snow on my way to the bar.


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I was done with my day before anyone else

It was an unbelievable idea to move directly to the city.

Now I am closer to toil plus the very fun night life.

I live in a lake house and building where many apartments have access from a single Central hallway. It seems more like a hotel or motel. We have an elevator as well. The lake house building is right near the middle row of many doors plus I am the fourth door and on the 4th floor of a more than seven-floor building. It’s incredibly hard to hear noises that are coming from outside unless I am very close to the window in the living room. My office plus desk are located in the kitchen area. I took our animal out to have a walk yesterday morning plus the sunlight was shining brightly. I smoked a cannabis joint while walking around the park. I went to my place to get more toil completed. Many hours passed and then my work was almost done. My dog was ready to go outside for another work plus we were all headed directly to the elevator. It was raining really hard and there was no way that we wanted to go outside in the rain. We wanted to grab a sweater. I took the dog out for a walk and tried to smoke a cannabis joint while I was out there. The Cannabis joint got wet and ruined and did not even last very long at all so I had to get rid of the joint and throw it into the great blow.

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I didn't like the flavor of the cannabis drink

This year for the holidays, my wife plus myself went to a hotel plus casino that is not far from our own place.

My unbelievable friend plus myself stayed at the lake condo for the holidays plus lounge directly around the house with nothing to do.

This year though, I insisted my power plus myself make unbelievable use of This Time by visiting friends or taking a getaway. My unbelievable friend and myself didn’t go very far to find many things that were fun. My unbelievable friend and myself went to a place that was mostly a couple of hours away with fun plus exciting nightlife. They have casinos that are open all night long plus the bars don’t close either. The very first night that my pal plus myself were visiting the city, My pal plus myself ran into some other friends. My unbelievable friend plus myself didn’t know any of the people were going to be in that place. It was a total and cheer coincidence plus one fun surprise. My unbelievable friend plus myself made plans to see a dinner show that was being held later that evening. Both of us were not Blissful about that choice, but our wife said that the dinner Show was going to be good. She suggested that my pal plus myself isn’t a marijuana dispensary nearby two option of marijuana products. My unbelievable friend plus myself went to the place to get some cannabis products and we found a cool syrup elixir. The elixir was available in peculiar flavors care lemon lime, watermelon, wild cherry, plus grape. d


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