Author: Tom

Changing what I believe about cannabis

I reside in a small southern college town, where about half the population is made up by the student body. These students come from all over the country, and many of them have never been so far into the deep south before. This means that every year when hurricane season starts there are thousands of […]

Off to the Cannabis Cafe for me

A friend at work was the first person to tell me about the local cannabis spot turning and old diner into a new marijuana business. For sure, I was intrigued. I just couldn’t imagine what these people would do with an old Diner. That space was just around the corner from the cannabis dispensary they […]

Anxiety reduces using cannabis flower products

It literally felt like a switch was simply flipped on as soon as I began treating with cannabis flower products. And after a lifetime of anxiety and the resulting depression, the feeling was beyond joyous and liberating. These days, I’m actually waking up and looking forward to what life may bring on any given day. […]

MS challenge gets a big lift with medical marijuana

Once again, being informed has been the deciding factor in this new direction my life has taken. It was getting a cannabis education that has made my situation go from seemingly hopeless to hopeful. That is a change that I really wasn’t so sure would ever be possible. But thanks to medical marijuana, my MS […]

Cannabis dispensary helps me out with pain relief as well

You just never know what’s coming at you. Up until this all started, our life was nothing however orange lights and relaxing times. It was as though somebody just change out our body, however one afternoon I felt like myself the next afternoon I was struck with violent muscle spasms, not to be cliche, however […]