Author: Tom

Smart ways to shop at the cannabis dispensary

Here is a tip for the rookie cannabis user – don’t restrict your business to only 1 store, or to only 1 identifiable strain of cannabis. It is vital to sample around with several products, and to explore different stores and dispensaries. This isn’t like Burger King, where the stores are exactly the same. There […]

Changing what I believe about cannabis

I reside in a small southern college town, where about half the population is made up by the student body. These students come from all over the country, and many of them have never been so far into the deep south before. This means that every year when hurricane season starts there are thousands of […]

Ed grows the most killer cannabis

I am friends with an absolutely weird guy named Ed. I should add that he and I aren’t exactly “friends” per se, however we are 2 people with shared interests, however Ed is what you would call a survivalist. Ed has a cottage outside of town which he has fortified in case society comes to […]

A good hurricane party needs booze and cannabis

It did save my sanity, because spending multiple mornings having no WIFI or electricity would have been next to impossible without cannabis and cocktails on hand! I call it a “hurricane party” and supply myself permission to drink as much liquor and smoke as much marijuana as I can. Right now the entire town is […]