I can’t believe my girlfriend dumped me for the delivery guy

Every Friday afternoon for the past 6 weeks, my girlfriend and I have been ordering delivery services from the marijuana dispensary near me.

The marijuana dispensary near me is about 5 miles away.

It’s not a terrible drive, but they offer free delivery so that’s the service that we use. We’ve had the same delivery guy for the past couple of weeks and I thought it was very strange and peculiar. I finally asked the guy why he was the person that was always delivering and he told me that he was the Friday night guy. Last Friday night my girlfriend was putting on makeup before the delivery guy arrived and I thought that was really strange because it was the evening and we were not going anywhere. She told me that the makeup was for me, but her behavior was very odd and bizarre. When the delivery driver arrived, my girlfriend brought him into the apartment and told me that she had something to stay. The words that followed were very shocking and surprising. My girlfriend told me that she had been dating the marijuana delivery driver for the past four weeks and she was finally ready to tell me the truth. She left with the delivery driver and I didn’t see her until a couple of days later when she came to pick up all of her clothing and belongings. I can’t believe my girlfriend dumped me for the marijuana delivery guy. I really thought that we were happy, but it turns out that she is just a cheater and a liar


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