The tincture could have taste better

My hubby plus myself visited the city.

While we were there, every one of us decided to visit a recreational plus medical marijuana shop and it was our first time.

All of us believed it would be absolutely cool plus very interesting to see a recreational plus medical marijuana shop. My husband plus myself had never seen a marijuana dispensary in the past. There weren’t any marijuana shops in the small town where my hobby and I were from. However there were easily a dozen places more than an hour from us in the city. One time when we were in the city we talked about buying some to use at home. My hubby plus myself then went to the marijuana shop on the 9th day when everyone was in the city. The selection was relatively amazing and there were more than 100 products available at the shop. They had dozens of bizarre items. They had drives marijuana flower, edibles and a large assortment of other marijuana products. The selection of products was seriously amazing and lots of them were available at the marijuana shop. There was dried marijuana flower, pre rolls, edibles, concentrates, plus a huge variety of tinctures. One brand of tinctures had 20 bizarre flavors that included strawberry, banana orange mocha, and vanilla. The flavor of the vanilla tincture was not exceptional but I didn’t realize that until I got home and we tried the item. An early ended up getting rid of the whole bottle and I really hated to throw it away but the flavor of the marijuana tincture was positively awful and gross.


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