I lost my entire stash of weed

I finished my toilet early so I can spend time with friends plus watch the Monday night pigskin game.

It starts at numerous PM Eastern time.

That’s about five for my friends plus myself that are on the west coast. All of us usually rush around our condo for several or more minutes before we actually start out to drive to the stadium. During this last week, all of us got done with our work early so we could be there at the time when the ball was first kicked. It was snowing pretty lightly when all of us left the office but it wasn’t concerning us too much about the weather. My friends plus myself were meeting at a close bar that was adjacent to our apartment. I didn’t have to drive because it was close. I got like condo plus decided to take a long shower. I was freezing by the time I got out of the shower. It was also snowing much harder. The snowflakes were much bigger now plus it was going to be hard to walk to the tavern separate from freezing to death. I smoked a marijuana joint on the way there plus my hands were nearly Frozen by the time I arrived. Thankfully the marijuana joint tasted good. When I got right to the bar and everything was done, I looked at my shirt plus my sweater plus I could not find my marijuana vape pen anywhere at all. I must have lost it somewhere in the snow on my way to the bar.


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