Medical marijauna was a game changer for me

Usually I don’t talk a lot about my past problems, despite the fact that I feel it might help someone out there.

For many years I had bad troubles trying to sleep.

Insomnia took a large toll on my health, and impacted every aspect of my life! When I did manage to get some sleep, usually through using pills, my dreams were frightening, and I couldn’t wait to wake up, but we all need healthy sleep, and I was struggling to find it, until I started using cannabis, however to me, medical cannabis was a game changer, and allowed me to genuinely rest for the first time in years. To be clear, I had tried smoking cannabis before, and found that it didn’t help at all. I decided that I needed an expert opinion, and not just the wisdom of my stoner friends, so I went into a cannabis dispensary to talk to a budtender. The budtender said that my previous results might have been because I was smoking sativa, and not an indica, which is what I would need for relaxation. I had never heard of sativa or indica before, so right away this pot expert was giving me pricey information, and he recommended a high grade of indica, which would allow me a full body high and quiet my noisy brain. We also discussed the effects caused by CBD oil, but he seemed to think that would not be strong enough to resolve my issue. I took the bartender’s advice, and ever since then indica has been helping me sleep more deeply and soundly.
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