CBD cat treats when I moved my cat

When I moved my cat from a small apartment in the city to a giant rental home, it was a problem.

My cat was an anxious mess. He spent days hiding under my bed and then sprinting around the new house. The drive to the new place was worse though. I honestly thought he was going to die. He was breathing really hard and clawing at the cage. I sprayed a cat soothing spray all over it that apparently did nothing. I vowed I would never move him again during his life because it was so traumatic. Well I bought a house down south. Hopefully it is my forever home and I won’t move anymore. My cat needed to come with me. This time I got smart about it. I started researching products that help cats with anxiety. I found that CBD products have been used with pets before. I drove right over to my local cannabis dispensary and explained my issue. The guy was great and got me CBD infused cat treats that are supposed to relax my kitty the whole ride. I did some experimental rounds before we did the big drive. I found the right time to give the cat a treat and how long my cat would be out for. I planned it well and got basically everything moved before my cat. That way when he woke up, everything was in the same place, but a new house this time. This method worked so much better for my cat. He slept on the ride to my house and he woke up much less afraid.


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