Using weed for arthritis

However, the lower THC amount avoids the drastic psychoactive effects

It took me around two months to convince my friend Betty to visit the cannabis dispensary. Because my friend grew up in a time when marijuana was considered very poor to mental health and productivity, she had a good deal of negativity against it. I tried to explain that it is simply a plant. Cannabis has been used as a medicinal treatment since outdated times, however no one has ever died from an overdose from consuming weed. It doesn’t create the long-term harmful side-effects of pharmaceuticals. I told her all about the endocannabinoid method in the human body and how the cannabinoids from the cannabis plant bind with receptors to influence balance and homeostasis. After lots of long chats, my friend Betty finally agreed to take a look around. My friend suffers from terrible arthritis in her hands. Her fingers swell and the joints become so painful that she can’t make a fist. She struggles to open jars, type on a computer, wear rings, knit and do the dishes. She was forced to give up the majority of her number one activities. She wasn’t having much luck with conventional medicine. At the dispensary, the two of us explained his problems to one of the budtenders who requested applying topicals and consuming tinctures. She requested strains with a higher ratio of CBD and lower percentages of THC. The combination of THC and CBD finally working together supply exceptional benefits. However, the lower THC amount avoids the drastic psychoactive effects. After just a week of using the topicals and tinctures, my friend noticed a significant improvement. There was far less inflammation and pain.

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