Significant improvement in my PTSD symptoms

I came home a genuinely different person than the one who went to war overseas. The person who came back is basically different even to me. Yet, I tried so hard to put up a front and to play a front when all the while I was deeply damaged by the trauma of combat. The more I tried to fake it and just get on with life, the more stuck and isolated I became. Thankfully, my sibling knew what was happening and got me to therapy and offered me some cannabis information. She has used cannabis products for her anxiety since medical marijuana was legalized in this state. Without pushing me, she made sure that she passed on as much of her cannabis education as she could. She even made sure that she was available to take me to the series of cannabis dispensary events. This was a tipping point for me because I was able to speak with other veterans who were using medical cannabis to treat their PTSD. This was true with the support group as well. Almost all of the gentlemen and women in that group figured out how to get their medical marijuana card in order to gain access to cannabis products. Figuring out how to get a medical marijuana card wasn’t too difficult and I have been treating with medical marijuana for a few weeks now. There is actually a significant improvement in my PTSD symptoms. So much so that I’m even almost sleeping through the nights and even feeling a bit hopeful. It’s superb progress and it has a superb deal to do with medical cannabis.