I don't like pot smoke in the house

There is nothing simply problematic with the modern apartment where the two of us live.

It is in fact absolutely very nice.

The two of us have a single concern in our apartment complex. The two of us have become accustomed to living inside of a dwelling. The two of us are not outdoorsy people and absolutely amiss a backyard that allows us to look up at the night sky. The two of us don’t miss searching around for a parking spot at the apartment building. Sometimes the two of us had to walk 500 yards just to make it to the front door of our apartment. The two of us also miss smoking Outdoors. The place where we live enforces a strict no cannabis smoking cigarettes policy. The two of us rarely have the opportunity to use cannabis even though it is legal for recreational reasons in the state. The two of us have a Vape Pen cartridge as well as Indica, sativa, as well as hybrid strains. The two of us use the vaping device nearly every single day. The Vape device does not have the same initial impact as cannabis, and Edibles are easily the same. They make me recognize a spaced-out feeling as well as make me feel extremely sleepy. The two of us Savor going to the stratosphere after blazing up a bit of cannabis. When we want cannabis bad enough, we go downstairs and sit in our car to smoke a joint or a big bowl.

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