Could this be Yet Another Setback For Charlotte’s Web Marijuana in Florida?

Patricia Nelson, chairwoman of the department of Health’s Office of compassionate Use, has officially stepped down. The sad news is that she was a big player in overseeing the implementation of the new CBD marijuana Program in Florida. Could this cause more delays. Some think so, some do not. time will tell if this change will effect the overall implementation of a program that has now taken over a year to start. Not one seed has yet to be planted and the nurseries have yet to be notified of their status. The results of which will soon be announced probably at the beginning of august. Many are wondering why she decided to step down at such an integral time when so many families are in need of this medicine? Some have more pressing obligations and priorities I guess.


Taylor Patrick Biehl, a lobbyist for the industry and co-founder of the Medical Marijuana Business Association of Florida said that he hopes that her departure does not hold up the program. Even though a spokeswoman for the department informed others that they do not expect any delays, this type fo unexpected departure could cause it.


Time will tell over the next few weeks whether this will have any impact on announcing the winners of the licenses to grow marijuana. 24 applied and only 5 will be chosen. I have my personal reservations about this is being set up, but if you are familiar with my writing, you already know this.

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