We got free appetizers for making a large purchase on 420

A bunch of my friends and I decided to go out on 420 this year to check out the local marijuana shops and sales.

My close good friend and I went to several uncommon sites and got a lot of cool sale items, and I saved 40% off my favorite pre-roll packages.

I obtained packages of pre-rolls that were only $25 and they are normally almost $50 respected price… One of the sites that we finally opted to go this year was a marijuana dispensary across the street from a bar and diner. My good friend and I got free appetizers from the bar and diner for making a purchase on 420. My own friends and I received a discount card from the marijuana dispensary, then the discount card entitled us to get a free appetizer from the bar and diner across the street. There was absolutely no purchase necessary! After my friends and I finished up at the marijuana dispensary, we went to the bar and diner for lunch. I got a burger with fries and Jack got the same thing; Danny decided to get a quesadilla. Each one of us got an uncommon free appetizer from the bar. I decided to get loaded cheese fries and Jack and Danny both got shrimp skewer sticks. All of the food that we got from the diner was genuinely yummy and delicious. My best good friend and I unquestionably saved $50 on the three appetizers and it was nice to take a cut while in the middle of the day to relax and have food. My best good friend and I shopped from afternoon until night at the local marijuana stores. My best good friend and I got some genuinely good deals.


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The guy invited me to smoke a bowl and play video games

My girlfriend was working until 11:00 and it sounded like a fantastic way to spend the evening.

Jack is a new employee that started working at the heating and AC repair shop about a month ago. Jack seems like a pretty cool dude from what I know about the guy. He is single with two kids and has been working in the business for the past 10 years. I had the opportunity to work with Jack all day on Friday and things weren’t really well. I learned a lot about the guy including the fact that he likes to smoke recreational marijuana. Recreational marijuana is 100% legal in this state and there are lots of places to buy the products. Jack asked if I was a person to smoke recreational marijuana and I told him that it is not something I regularly do. I smoked weed in college, but I had not smoked in a really long time. The guy invited me to smoke a bowl and come to his apartment after work to play video games. My girlfriend was working until 11:00 and it sounded like a fantastic way to spend the evening. I went back to my house and took a shower and changed and then I texted Jack for directions to his apartment. He was about five or six miles away, but I took an Uber instead of driving. I didn’t know if I would be able to drive home after smoking marijuana and drinking a few beers and I wanted to be safe. I also didn’t want to have to ask my girlfriend to pick me up after she had worked 1 12 hour day at the hospital.

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The food array at the party was enormous

Saturday was the one year anniversary of the opening of the marijuana shop near me.

I remember when the marijuana shop opened up, because they had a really big sale on everything in the shop.

For the first month, all of the products in the store were 25% off. I was sad when the marijuana shop finally ended the sale. I was used to getting the extra savings. When I found out that the marijuana shop near me was going to have a party to celebrate the one year brand opening anniversary, I cleared the day on my calendar. I figured they would have a pretty big celebration since they had a huge celebration when the place opened up. A week before the anniversary party, online and there were advertisements in the store too. On Saturday they were going to have a bunch of buy one and get one for free sales as well as free demos, food, music, and more pop up sales. The food array of the party was enormous. There was a lot of different food there from a few local restaurants. The marijuana shop had tacos and burritos from the Mexican restaurant and egg rolls from the Chinese place. They also had a variety of pulled pork, chicken, and beef from the barbecue place down the street. Everything was free as long as you made a purchase from the marijuana shop that day. My friends and I picked out on pulled pork after buying a couple of vape pen cartridges. The whole day turned out to be a ton of fun.

The 420 specials were off the chain this particular year

Last year in May, my friends and I drove to the town to check out all of the marijuana specials and sales.

My friend and I must have visited at least a dozen or more marijuana.

My friend and I simply thought that we were going to get a bunch of free stuff, because we did in the previous year, and blessedly, there weren’t too more than 2 dealers that were participating in the fun activities. 4/20 is supposed to be a pressing celebration. It also turned out to be a pretty pressing bummer. This year, the 420 specials were off the chain. There were a ton of buy one and get one free sales and specials at the local venue. My lady and I drove to the marijuana dispensary nearby to check out the sales on 420 and we found out that this unique venue was having another after-party so everything that did not get sold was going to be given for the same price as the afternoon of the pressing sale. I told some of my friends that missed out on the sale and they joined me on the afternoon of the after-party party. My friend and I got a lot of particularly great deals on pre-rolls, concentrates, and marijuana flowers. One of the best deals was top shelf flowers for 40% off. I bought a strain called a space bomb that was normally $74 and I only paid $40. The hybrid space bomb strain was entirely the best thing that I bought from the after-party sale and particularly one of the very best strains that I have had this year.

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The dispensary was offering a great deal on more than 2 weird products

Blue Dream is one of my number one sativa strains.

Blue dream is a sativa dominant hybrid, but everyone considers it to be a straight up sativa.

Blue dream is a mix of orangeberry and haze. Blue dream has a low flowering time and can be grown in more than 2 weird severe environments. It does not need full sun, lots of water, or a strict schedule. The plant is truly hearty with truly little help. Most Blue Dream plants can grow nicely outdoors. Blue Dream is usually one of the best marijuana strains you can find in a dispensary. It’s not truly costly and it comes in lots of forms. The dispensary near me carries orange dream flowers, concentrate, pre-rolls, and edibles. When they have a sale, I try to stock up on the products that I love. On Sunday, the dispensary was offering a truly great deal on more than 2 of the weird products that I love. I got a text and a message from the marijuana dispensary. The message was an alert to let me know that all of the products were going to be on sale on Monday and all people to come through the door between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. acquired a free t-shirt and free rolls from one of the marijuana manufacturers and companies. I was particularly excited when I found out about the sale. I looked at all of the products that were going to be included and there were a couple of weird orange dream products that I wanted to get my hands on.
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I used to keep track of things with a pencil and paper

When I was a teenager, I worked at a grocery store.

  • I had to keep track of all sales with a piece of paper and a pencil.

Times certainly have changed since then. Computers are a huge reason why. Computers make it possible to track inventory in real time without having to use a pad or paper. I work at a medical and recreational marijuana shop here in the city. We have thousands of members and patience. We keep all of the information for these customers in a database. The database is filled with information like the customer’s name, phone number, driver’s license and picture id, and sales history. The sales information is a great tool for the staff, because customers don’t have to worry about keeping their receipts. Their purchase history is stored in the data bank for future use. The software makes it easy to keep track of sales. This week I had a customer that came to the dispensary and she tried to get me to give her a refund for products that she purchased during the last visit. I told my customer that I would be happy to issue a refund. She did not have the products and claimed that they were beverages from the case. I knew it would be easy to look up the order with the software program we have. I wanted to help out the customer and make her happy. I was planning to replace the beverages with a different product. Unfortunately, the order history for the patient showed that the last time she made an order was back in february. The customer did not agree with the information in the system, but I could not issue a refund without some proof of purchase.


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I can’t believe my girlfriend dumped me for the delivery guy

Every Friday afternoon for the past 6 weeks, my girlfriend and I have been ordering delivery services from the marijuana dispensary near me.

The marijuana dispensary near me is about 5 miles away.

It’s not a terrible drive, but they offer free delivery so that’s the service that we use. We’ve had the same delivery guy for the past couple of weeks and I thought it was very strange and peculiar. I finally asked the guy why he was the person that was always delivering and he told me that he was the Friday night guy. Last Friday night my girlfriend was putting on makeup before the delivery guy arrived and I thought that was really strange because it was the evening and we were not going anywhere. She told me that the makeup was for me, but her behavior was very odd and bizarre. When the delivery driver arrived, my girlfriend brought him into the apartment and told me that she had something to stay. The words that followed were very shocking and surprising. My girlfriend told me that she had been dating the marijuana delivery driver for the past four weeks and she was finally ready to tell me the truth. She left with the delivery driver and I didn’t see her until a couple of days later when she came to pick up all of her clothing and belongings. I can’t believe my girlfriend dumped me for the marijuana delivery guy. I really thought that we were happy, but it turns out that she is just a cheater and a liar


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The cannabis infused beverage was very yummy and flavorful

My friends and I went to a bunch of different places this year on 4/20.

  • We tried to visit every single marijuana shop to see if they had some kind of special deal or promotion.

A lot of the places around here were giving away hats, t-shirts, pins, and marijuana supplies. My friends and I went to our favorite dispensary first, because we knew they were having a huge sale. We wanted to be one of the first 100 people through the door because that qualified us for some pretty great $1 deals. One of the items that we could buy for a dollar was a cannabis infused beverage. The cannabis infused beverages are normally $12 each. We could pick from mango, blueberry, and pomegranate. I decided to go with the pomegranate, because I thought it would be the most tart. My friend chose the peach and another friend chose blueberry. We ended up being able to try all of them because we each got something different. I absolutely preferred the flavor of the blueberry. I wished that I had bought that instead of the pomegranate. The pomegranate flavored cannabis beverage was yummy, but it wasn’t as good as the blueberry. The $1 beverages were a great way to start our day. They must have contained some type of sativa strain, because I didn’t feel sleepy or lethargic at all after consuming all 100 mg of the infused drink. The day turned out to be a whole bunch of fun and we got a ton of free marijuana pre rolls.

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The last delivery of the night was way out west

On Friday night the last delivery of the night was way out to the west side of the city.

The marijuana delivery service covers all of the city and a lot of the country areas outside of the Metropolitan area. I’ve been working for the marijuana delivery service for the past 6 months. I was working behind the counter and then a spot opened up for a delivery driver. One of my friends was working as a driver and the guy was making $100 every single night in tips. On the weekends, he was making twice that amount. I wanted a job working as a delivery driver as well. When the spot opened, I went right to the manager and asked if I could interview. She told me that an interview was not necessary and I could have the job working as a delivery driver. She could find someone else to take over my shifts inside of the store. I prefer working at the marijuana shop and dispensary. It is a place with a nice ambiance. Everyone is very friendly, chill, and laid back. I usually have orders all the way until the end of the night and I don’t get back until the store is closed. On Friday night the last delivery of the night was way out to the west side of the city. The order came in ten minutes before closing. It was a 45 minute drive from the dispensary to the address, but the customer ordered $200 worth of merchandise. I didn’t get to the address until it was 11:00 at night, but the customer didn’t seem to mind. The guy was happy that he had his marijuana supplies and didn’t have to wait until the next day.


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Medical marijuana has many benefits

When I smoke a joint before going to bed, I know that I will get a full 6 hours of rest at least

There are many benefits of using Medical marijuana. Medical marijuana can absolutely relieve chronic pain caused by arthritis, fibromyalgia, and other debilitating diseases. Medical marijuana can also help with anxiety and depression in patients that do not respond well to other typical treatments. Medical marijuana can also reduce inflammation and help with nausea and vomiting relief. Medical marijuana also offers improved sleep. Marijuana can improve the quality and duration of sleep. This makes it very beneficial for individuals that suffer from sleeping disorders or insomnia. I have been suffering from insomnia since I was younger. I was filled with Stress and Anxiety as a kid and I did not sleep very much. I didn’t go to sleep until everyone else in the house was already in bed and I woke up early before everyone else was awake. I didn’t do very well in school because I wasn’t getting a lot of sleep and I often fell asleep in class. When I was in college, one of my friends offered me recreational marijuana. I tried recreational marijuana and I slept a full 8 hours the first time that I did. Since that time, I have been using recreational and medical marijuana products anytime I feel stressed and can’t sleep. When I smoke a joint before going to bed, I know that I will get a full 6 hours of rest at least. Sometimes on a night when I smoke the whole joint, I will sleep for 8 hours. Marijuana helps me fall asleep when everything on my mind wants me to stay awake.

Marijuana edibles

I liked the lemonade flavored candy

I could taste the small hint of cannabis, but I drank the beverage so quickly that it didn’t matter.

The local marijuana shop has more than 50 different types of edibles. There are at least six different suppliers and each one of the companies has different types of edibles. One company sells hard candies and another company sells gummies. There is another supplier that only sells chocolate infused with cannabis. Every week there is a different free product from a supplier. The marijuana dispensary gives away the free products when you purchase another product from the store. Last week I got free lemonade flavored candy with the purchase of a cannabis infused beverage. There is a cold cooler in the marijuana shop and there are lots of cannabis infused beverages inside. The marijuana shop carries seltzer water, energy drinks, wine, and beer and they are all infused with a small amount of marijuana. I decided to buy the blueberry flavored energy drink because it came with a free sample of lemonade flavored candy. The blueberry flavored energy drink is one of my favorites and I was excited to see that it came with something for free. I drank the entire energy drink when I got out to the car. I could taste the small hint of cannabis, but I drank the beverage so quickly that it didn’t matter. After the drink was gone, I put the lemonade flavored candy in my mouth. The taste of blueberry and lemons was nice, but the candy dissolved rather quickly. I didn’t feel much from the edible, but it was only 10mg. The energy drink, on the other hand, had me flying all afternoon.


A really fun weekend of booze, tunes, and cannabis

Once every few months my partner and I like to spend a weekend on the beach.

No kids, no work, no outside interference at all; just Jamie and I, on the sands, in the surf, and in a seaside hotel room.

It’s a really good way to keep a marriage fresh and exciting. Whenever my associate and I go to the shore, my associate and I constantly eat good food and drink way too much local beer. Normally my associate and I don’t get high, because of the kids and our tasks, however on these weekends my associate and I constantly visit a cannabis dispensary and load up on premium strains. The weekend is a new way to relax and care about ourselves, so beer and cannabis are both key elements! My buddy and I constantly rent a room overlooking the beach, or the water. My buddy and I also leave the balcony door open for the whole weekend, to air the room out of cannabis smoke. My buddy and I also put the DO NOT DISTURB sign on the door, to keep the cleaning staff from messing with our marijuana. From there, my favorite work associate and I start mixing up cocktails in the room, and smoking bowl after bowl of cannabis until my associate and I are nice and toasty. After that my associate and I hit the beach to get some sun. Since the room is also constantly so close to my associate and I can pop back upstairs for more booze or cannabis whenever my associate and I start to sober up. Every afternoon is nothing, however drinking, smoking marijuana, and bedding down my partner, so you can understand why I look forward to these weekends so much! When I retire I plan on smoking cannabis and getting blazed every single afternoon.

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I leave cannabis to the professionals and experts

I have no desire to grow my own cannabis.

I also tried it once, during the COVID lockdown, and I did not like the experience.

It was much more labor-intensive than I expected, and took a hefty investment of money for the proper lighting and growing equipment. The results were poor, and I got raggedy looking weed for all of my efforts. I realized that some things are best left to the professionals. I can make my own breakfast, however if I want good biscuits and gravy I need to find a good steakhouse. If I want quality cannabis products, I need to stop wasting time at dwelling and go to the local cannabis dispensary! Let the marijuana professionals handle it! You may not know this, however there is another ridiculous amount of science that goes into crafting the premium cannabis strains that my associate and I know and love. Some of these cannabis strains are decades old, and botanists keep perpetuating, cloning, and improving them, then purple Haze, Acapulco Gold, Mowie Wowie, and others were developed in the 50s and 60s, and my associate and I still smoke them this week. When I feel about all the science and history behind cannabis, I feel like an idiot for trying to grow weed plants in buckets of dirt in my garage. I feel it’s good that it is now legal for me to grow cannabis plants at home, because this is a right every person should have. But I would much rather buy my cannabis at the local dispensary (even if it is a little costly) than try to simply grow it.


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