Author: Tom

The hotel desk clerk was an old friend

I honestly don’t remember a lot of people from my childhood. It was more than 20 years ago and I never enjoyed school very much. When I left elementary and high school, I didn’t really stop to turn around and look back. I never went through my old high school yearbook to look at old […]

Sales are down since the new place opened

A brand new recreational and medical marijuana dispensary opened up in town and sales at this one have been in the toilet since then. It’s not as if we offer terrible prices and bad customer service. Customers seem genuinely happy with the products that they can get from our dispensary. Unfortunately, the dispensary that just […]

The car in front of me stopped suddenly

I left the marijuana delivery center about 15 or 20 minutes after I got to work. The manager already had a few deliveries ready to go when I arrived. I have been working at the marijuana delivery center for the past 6 months. I worked inside of the store stocking and fulfilling orders until there […]

The job was supposed to be for a delivery driver

I’ve been trying to find a new job for a while now. I put a lot of applications into different places. I was particularly hopeful that the recreational and medical marijuana dispensary would call me for an interview. My best friend works at the recreational and medical marijuana dispensary. He said he would put a […]

I needed to calm down and relax

I have been feeling particularly stressed out and it has been hard to relax. I tried drinking a glass of red wine, but it didn’t help much at all. I told one of my co-workers that I have been feeling very stressed out and he asked me if I wanted recreational marijuana. The guy had […]

Deliveries were about an hour or 90 minutes

My friends and I had a party on Thursday night to celebrate Jack’s big promotion. We all got together at my place. I bought some alcohol on my way home from work. I bought a couple of 12 packs of beer as well as some vodka, rum, and whiskey. I stopped at the grocery store […]

Frozen pizzas are the way to go on a busy night

One thing was a glass bong for smoking marijuana. Friday night, I was tired and hungry. All I wanted to do was get home and put a frozen pizza in the microwave. Traffic was heavy and my day at the office had been a nightmare. My boss yelled at me for an hour over something […]

Someone was definitely smoking in the plane bathroom

If you have ever smelled marijuana products, then you know that the smell of marijuana is very fragrant and pungent. There really isn’t any way to hide the smell of marijuana. It is very distinctive in its flower form and it also has a very strong odor when it is being burned. Most marijuana users […]

The basement was dark and creepy

A few weeks ago, I got a brand new job working at a marijuana packaging facility. The marijuana packaging facility handles lots of different types of cannabis concentrates. The concentrates come to us in large vats and we individually packaged the products into jars, bags, or plastic. The specifications are up to the manufacturer of […]

I used to grow medical cannabis in college

In college we grew hemp plants on the roof of our dorm. My roommate at the time was a major in botany, and it was his idea to start growing a few pot plants in our room. I disagreed with him, because that was against the rules of the college and if we got caught […]