Author: Tom

I found some interesting edibles at the shop

Last month when my friends plus myself went to the marijuana shop, they had leftover distillates plus I bought the last more than two grams of banana og. I’m not sure why there was banana OG left over. It’s a perfectly unbelievable Indica strain that makes most people feel relaxed Plus calm. I wasn’t sure […]

Everyone liked being able to smoke some weed

Every one of us did something very bizarre and strange this year for the holiday celebration. Every one of us usually get a bizarre assortment of drinks plus alcohols nice like eggnog. I have the event cared at my place from a local place that everyone seems to love. Then last year the people I […]

I didn't like the flavor of the cannabis drink

This year for the holidays, my wife plus myself went to a hotel plus casino that is not far from our own place. My unbelievable friend plus myself stayed at the lake condo for the holidays plus lounge directly around the house with nothing to do. This year though, I insisted my power plus myself […]

The tincture could have taste better

My hubby plus myself visited the city. While we were there, every one of us decided to visit a recreational plus medical marijuana shop and it was our first time. All of us believed it would be absolutely cool plus very interesting to see a recreational plus medical marijuana shop. My husband plus myself had […]

I was done with my day before anyone else

It was an unbelievable idea to move directly to the city. Now I am closer to toil plus the very fun night life. I live in a lake house and building where many apartments have access from a single Central hallway. It seems more like a hotel or motel. We have an elevator as well. […]

My partner wanted to move too

When my partner plus myself decided to transfer over to the West coast, everyone of us thought it was a crazy idea. She was hoping to sell the home plus transfer across half of the country and go to a place where neither a single of us were ever in the past. There were many […]

I flew into the city to be with my friends

My partner plus myself went to a different city so that we could visit some friends that were not far from our home. Everyone of us regularly stay back at our home for the holidays plus regularly lounge around this house. Now for this year I was insistent that every one of us make some […]

I can't count on the delivery service right now

Everyone in my house gets paid at the beginning of the month. It’s important for everyone of us to budget our currency absolutely well. When everyone of us don’t have currency at the end of the month, every one of us can be in important trouble. Every one of us get paid on the 1st […]

Drinking and smoking can cause crazy vivid dreams

This year to celebrate all of the holidays my friends plus myself went to a club. We do not frequently go to clubs but the both of us felt like dancing plus drinking. My friends absolutely wanted to go along because it was the New Year’s Eve holiday. It would have been great just to […]

I probably ate too much falafel that night

New Year’s Eve was fun this year and my friends plus my self decided that we would go to a club. I don’t frequent clubs very much for dancing plus drinking, but the time was New Year’s Eve plus my friends entirely wanted all of us to go. I would have regularly been Blissful Sunday […]

I lost my entire stash of weed

I finished my toilet early so I can spend time with friends plus watch the Monday night pigskin game. It starts at numerous PM Eastern time. That’s about five for my friends plus myself that are on the west coast. All of us usually rush around our condo for several or more minutes before we […]

The flavor of the chocolate was greatly enhanced

Last week when every one of us went to the marijuana shop, we were sitting there with some leftover distillates that we purchased during the time when we had multiple grams of banana og. Every one of us were on Shore about why there was banana OG left over but it was perfectly fantastic for […]

The sales and specials included all store products

The marijuana shop near everyone of us has fantastic sales plus specials during those days of the week. During these times every one of us can buy more than a couple of items and also receive a second item that is half off. Every one of us can mix plus match the boring plus basic […]