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An online marketplace celebrating incredibly Indian products and connecting Indian expatriates to thousands of products from their homeland.


ZiFiti, The incredibly Indian online portal based in the US, is a friendly and convenient platform for buyers to source the Indian products they seek and for sellers to be connected directly to their desired target audience.

Zifiti.com offers buyers access to thousands of items ranging from daily needs such as Indian grocery items to specialty arts and crafts produced by skilled artisans. Reduce the need to travel around the globe to find the perfect wedding decor, jewelry and apparel; plan your big celebration from the comfort of your own home. Delicious culinary experiences await your discerning palate as you discover deliverable meals from Indian/South Asian restaurants near you. Experience the multi-media wonder of classical Indian music, religious hymns and popular Bollywood songs through streaming video, music cards and apps. Our experienced procurement team continues to scour the market to bring the highest quality products from the best, most reliable sources to this ever expanding incredibly Indian marketplace.

Vendors on Zifiti.com immediately become a part of a growing trend allowing them to enter the e-commerce space before it's too late. By offering unique, quality products to over 3 million Asian Indians in the US and beyond the seller’s brand awareness will grow organically with little effort on their part. Our team of tech professionals have already developed the system needed for a seller to reach the buyers that are craving their products. The simple process to start selling is seamless with no start up costs at all and the seller always maintains complete control over their own shipping, pricing and return policies. Exposing your offering to an already existing audience on your own is costly and time consuming while our extensively promoted platform draws in the traffic without investing your own time or money.

The future of Zifiti.com is brilliant as we constantly procure more products and services from the rich and diverse lands of India. As THE portal for Asian Indian Americans to source products generally found in their homeland we also offer a variety of other online services. Zifiti.com is the only source you will need when your heart desires home.

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