Using cannabis to help me quit tobacco

What I really need in my life is more discipline.

Mentally I am pretty weak, and I yield to temptation without putting up much of a struggle.

At one point I was addicted to tobacco and alcohol, as well as doing a lot of other recreational drugs. I smoked a pack of cigarettes every day, and drank a full bottle of booze to wash them down. At the time I only smoked weed every once in a while. I was talking to my friend Bob about wanting to clean up my act a little bit. I needed to start taking life more seriously. Bob suggested that I lean more heavily on cannabis, because it has medicinal benefits I had not known about. Bob told me to cut back on the tobacco products, and replace them with cannabis products. I could even reduce my consumption of alcohol at the same time, and cannabis would help offset the withdrawal symptoms. To be clear, Bob never said that marijuana was a magical cure-all for my ailments and addictions, he just said it could provide me with some assistance. He was right. I cut out tobacco entirely, and every time I got the irresistible urge to smoke I would fire up some cannabis instead. This took the edge off, even though cannabis doesn’t contain nicotine it still lessened the urges. A major aspect of cannabis is that unlike tobacco it is non-addictive. If I can use cannabis to break my addiction to tobacco, then I can quit smoking weed whenever I want with no ill effects.

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