The new guy is going to be fun to work with

My wife and I used to party a lot when we were in college.

Both of us smoked recreational marijuana morning, noon, and night.

It was no big deal to get high when the laws were passed making marijuana legal. When we graduated from college, my wife and I got married and we bought a house. After that we had two kids and a bunch of bills. We didn’t have time for recreational marijuana, even if it was legal. I completely forgot about that fun part of my life until a couple of months ago when a new guy started working at the office. The new guy is a lot different from most of the other executives. He is fresh out of college and graduated with a master’s when he was 21 years old. The new guy is super smart, but he also likes to smoke recreational marijuana. There was a party one day and I found a guy outside by the dumpster smoking a marijuana joint. I was surprised to find the new guy down there. I really expected to see one of the warehouse workers instead. The guy offered me the recreational marijuana joint. At first I said no, but he insisted I joined if I wasn’t going to be a snitch. I had two big puffs from the marijuana joint and I felt my entire body start to relax. Oh, I missed that feeling of being high and relaxed and totally stress free. It was so warm and inviting. I really think I’m going to like working with Jack.

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