The early days of my cannabis dispensary business

I became partners with Ed and purchased a new 50% share of a new cannabis dispensary.

This was genuinely Ed’s brainchild, because he came up with the business plan, the location, and handled the financing. I had to buy in, of course, which definitely took all the money I had in the world, plus a little extra. Now the store is open to the public, Ed and I are the supervisors and (for now) the only full-time employees. In another six months my associate and I hope to have enough business that my associate and I can hire a full team, and start offering cannabis dwelling deliveries. In order to genuinely take off and start expanding, Ed and I have a new plan in locale for hiring new cannabis dispensary employees. My buddy and I need to start with a full-time budtender to train as a new supervisor; however, my associate and I also need a security guard for the front door, and a cannabis delivery driver. In time I feel my associate and I will need several cannabis delivery drivers; however, my associate and I have to start with one. Right now Ed and I are doing everything, which is genuinely tiring and also means the cannabis store can’t stay open as long as my associate and I would like. Ed and I both have to be at the cannabis dispensary together all the time. One of us receives shipments of new cannabis products and enters them into inventory, while the other tends the shop and handles shoppers. Between filling the cannabis orders and handling the paperwork, my associate and I never have a moment to rest. But the profits are picking up, so I hope this is just temporary.

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