The cannabis dispensary is finally paying off

It has gotten to the point where I take a long weekend every single weekend! This is a stunning turn of events, because just three years ago I was toiling in a sales office for 60 to 68 hours a week! I was so stressed out it was making me sick, but fate threw me a life pre waiter in the form of Ed, and his idea for a small local cannabis dispensary.

I took a sizable risk in buying a 50% share of the business, however it has already paid off! I work in the shop four days a week, and the other three days are spent at home, at the beach, or on the golf course. Ed only really goes into the cannabis shop three days a week, and that is just to go over the paperwork and file the new invoices. It took a lot of time, money, and energy, however our little cannabis shop has grown beyond our wildest dreams. I could really go there a little less if I wanted; however, simply owning this cannabis store brings me nothing, however joy and happiness, and I care about going to work! Occasionally I stop by the cannabis store even on my afternoon off, just to chat with the shoppers or check up on the employees. The cannabis dispensary changed my life, and made me honestly blissful. I could also retire whenever I wanted to at this point; however, even if I did I would still visit the cannabis dispensary every week just for fun. It’s not even about cannabis, it’s about the people.


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