A really fun weekend of booze, tunes, and cannabis

Once every few months my partner and I like to spend a weekend on the beach.

No kids, no work, no outside interference at all; just Jamie and I, on the sands, in the surf, and in a seaside hotel room.

It’s a really good way to keep a marriage fresh and exciting. Whenever my associate and I go to the shore, my associate and I constantly eat good food and drink way too much local beer. Normally my associate and I don’t get high, because of the kids and our tasks, however on these weekends my associate and I constantly visit a cannabis dispensary and load up on premium strains. The weekend is a new way to relax and care about ourselves, so beer and cannabis are both key elements! My buddy and I constantly rent a room overlooking the beach, or the water. My buddy and I also leave the balcony door open for the whole weekend, to air the room out of cannabis smoke. My buddy and I also put the DO NOT DISTURB sign on the door, to keep the cleaning staff from messing with our marijuana. From there, my favorite work associate and I start mixing up cocktails in the room, and smoking bowl after bowl of cannabis until my associate and I are nice and toasty. After that my associate and I hit the beach to get some sun. Since the room is also constantly so close to my associate and I can pop back upstairs for more booze or cannabis whenever my associate and I start to sober up. Every afternoon is nothing, however drinking, smoking marijuana, and bedding down my partner, so you can understand why I look forward to these weekends so much! When I retire I plan on smoking cannabis and getting blazed every single afternoon.

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