I care about my new task selling cannabis

Not all retail tasks are created equal, however i know most people likes to complain about the staff at Walmart for being rude and not caring about customer service, but from their perspective, these folks get paid minimum wage to be yelled at and insulted by clients all afternoon long. I sympathize with this, because I used to labor there myself. It’s a harder task than you think, mostly because the clients never treated me with respect, which made me loathe going to work, then now I have found a great new task where my clients cherish me… Working at the cannabis dispensary is a breath of fresh air, and I am happy about going in every day, then my boss has a dealer policy about providing the best possible customer service, and treating every cannabis customer as a valued guest. I always take my time with every customer, and make sure they have information they need about all our newest cannabis strains, and any sales or bargains my friend and I are running, then since the clients are usually stoned already, they don’t mind taking their time and talking about cannabis with me for a while, this is why standing in line for checkout at the cannabis dispensary takes a while, because my friend and I like to get to know our clients! Here is a pro tip – for faster repair place your cannabis order online for in-store pickup, and you go to a separate line. When you stand in my line it’s gonna take a while, because I care about talking about cannabis and treat every customer as a valued guest.



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