I argument disappointing news with excessive cannabis

The legend is that when an ostrich gets scared it buries its head in the sand.

This is to illustrate how stupid this dove is, because it believes since I cannot see the predator, the predator can’t see it either, and of course this isn’t exactly true, it’s just a myth that people choose to believe, then personally I don’t assume an ostrich can possibly be that stupid & continue to exist.

Me, on the other hand, I am absolutely that stupid. When I get some disappointing news in life, the first thing I do is turn to cannabis. Smoking marijuana is my equivalent to burying my head in the sand, & the worse the news, the higher I get. I don’t want to bum myself out right now & get into the particulars of my current dilemma, although I have been in a week-long cannabis binge. I have been trying to keep myself nice & high from dusk till dawn. I light a bowl of cannabis after I get out of bed, to have with my coffee. I smoke marijuana throughout the day, as I do my labor assignments & my home chores. In the evening I take a long walk, have a shower, & then bring out the water bong to really get harsh about using cannabis for mind obliteration. Everyone has their favorite way to smoke cannabis, but for me a tall glass bong filled with water & ice cubes is the best, and a few bowls later & the cannabis carries me gently off to dreamland, so I can hide my head in the sand & avoid my concerns for another day.


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