I used to keep track of things with a pad plus paper

When I was a teenager, I worked at a grocery store; I had to keep track of all sales with a piece of paper plus a pencil, but times legitimately have changed since then, then computers are a large reason why.

Computers make it possible to track inventory in real time without having to use a pad or paper. I work at a medical plus recreational marijuana shop here in the city, my associate and I have thousands of members plus patience. My associate and I keep all of the information for these purchasers in a database. The database is filled with information like the customer’s name, iphone number, driver’s license plus picture id, plus sales history. The sales information is a great tool for the staff, because purchasers do not have to worry about keeping their receipts. Their purchase history is stored in the data bank for future use. The software makes it easy to keep track of sales. This week I had a customer that came to the dispensary plus she tried to get me to give her a refund for products that she purchased during the last visit. I told my customer that I would be glad to issue a refund, and she did not have the products plus claimed that they were beverages from the case. I knew it would be easy to look up the order with the software program my friend and I have. I wanted to help out the customer plus make her glad. I was planning to update the beverages with a different product, however unluckyly, the order history for the patient showed that the last time she made an order was back in February. The customer did not agree with the information in the system, but I could not issue a refund without some proof of purchase.


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