I just wanted to walk into the dispensary and look around.

I had no intention of buying anything in the marijuana dispensary.

  • I was a client when they only had legal, medical marijuana.

I used it for years when my cancer was active and I was going through chemo, however once I was told I was cancer free, I no longer used medical marijuana, although I kept my medical marijuana ID card, just in case. Earlier this year, they legalized recreational marijuana. I hadn’t been to the marijuana dispensary for about four months, and I thought I would walk in and see if the same people worked there. I planned on walking into the marijuana dispensary and just looking around, however it didn’t labor out that way. Two of the people who worked there when I was a correct client asked how I was feeling. They wanted to know if the cancer had returned, if I was back in the marijuana dispensary. I told them I was cancer free, although I wanted to see what changes they made now that they were selling recreational marijuana. The one girl I knew well showed me around and let me see some of their products, then she asked if I wanted to try anything. I absolutely wanted to look around, however some items looked interesting. Where I was making marijuana edibles at home, they now sold them. When I saw the price on the marijuana gummies, I laughed. I paid more to make them at home, than they were selling them for. I took three packets of marijuana gummies condo for my husband! He was an insomniac and I hoped they would help him sleep.

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