Finally I got some sleep, thanks to cannabis

No matter what I tried, I could never get a full evening of sleep.

  • Whatever sleep I managed to get was fitful, and filled with alarming dreams.

I spoke to a counselor about it, who said it might be an emotional issue. Then I spoke to a therapist, who said it might be a physical issue. When I spoke to a physician, she said “have you tried talking to a therapist?” Basically none of the so-called experts had any clue how to help me. I tried diet and exercise, to no avail. Although I wanted to avoid pills and drugs, I decided to try smoking cannabis, but lo and behold, that first evening after trying a little cannabis was the best sleep I can remember having. I didn’t even have a exhausting dream! It worked so well that I decided to educate myself about what I was smoking. I spent a whole day online learning blogs about cannabis, and enjoying Youtube channels to provide deeper explanations for what I was learning. I also called all three local cannabis dispensaries and asked if they had someone who could spend some time teaching me more about weed. The owner of the cannabis dispensary got on the line and my pal and I talked for over an hour… She explained the differences between sativa and indica, and went into more detail about the premium and vintage strains of cannabis. She also set me up with an account at the cannabis dispensary, so when I am ready I can go there, look around, and start buying the best cannabis in town.



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