Using medical weed for my father’s anxiety

My father regularly was an worried person… As he has gotten older his anxiety has genuinely flared up… Now he needs something in order to get through his afternoon; He used to have trouble driving to work, operating machinery and getting ready to go anywhere, my mother’s solution was to get him on pills! She took him to the doctor where they waited in the waiting room for over an hour.

My father was forced to get a prostate exam and then he got his pills. My father was genuinely bad about remembering to take his pills. He also never called it into the pharmacy when they were out. More often than not, my Mom would be off his medication, once the year was up he needed to go back to the doctor. My father refused. I did some research and found tha medical cannabis can be wonderful for anxiety; This process was much faster, easier and more pleasant. My father did have to wait in a waiting room but then he talked to a doctor for five minutes and that was it. He filled out some paperwork online, paid 74 bucks and then his card came in the mail two weeks later. This time he just needs to drive to the cannabis dispensary when he needs his product. He doesn’t need to call ahead. He also can wear his vape on a lanyard at work and take a puff when he needs to. My father prefers being a medical weed patient. He entirely uses his product and my pal and I can see a difference now.

Medical Cannabis Certifications