The cars were parked up plus down the street

This year, the marijuana dispensary near me had a easily big sale for 420! Last year I thought their sale was a dud, so I was happy about this year’s sale! Honestly, I was bummed out when I found out that the sale was going to be on Saturday instead of Tuesday, the actual day for 4:20 was Tuesday, but the dispensary claimed to have an after 4:20 sale, but my friends plus I went to the dispensary early in the day so my friend and I would not miss out on any of the doorbuster sales… Cars were parked up plus down the street at 9:00 in the day.

There was a lot more buzz about the 420 sale then I thought there would be.

There was a line outside just to get indoors, and once my friend and I were indoors, there was a waiting section where people had to sit… After you got called back into the store, there was another line where you had to wait to see a budtender… It was honestly deranged that day, but I got about $250 worth of free stuff from the dispensary. I purchased a couple of concentrates that were buy one plus get one for free. I got penny pre rolls, $1 cartridges, plus a free disposable vape pen. I got so many deals that I did not care that I had to wait for an hour before I easily got to order the marijuana supplies that I wanted. I went to grab some lunch after the dispensary plus then I went dwelling to smoke one of my up-to-date sativa strains.