I thought marijuana deliveries would be more of a cost.

When I heard about our local marijuana dispensary starting marijuana delivery services, I was glad… I was excited to know that I wouldn’t need to travel to the dispensary.

I didn’t get around certainly well, & even when I drove into town, I got to the store & someone put my items in my car.

I bought all my groceries online, & someone carried them to my car. I never paid extra for this service, even though I was sure I would need to spend money extra if I was to have the items delivered to my house, this was a problem for me when I was considering having marijuana delivery repair to my home. I called the local marijuana dispensary to see if they had delivery repair where I lived. I was already a standard customer, so they looked up my file & asked if I was a PO box. I could not feel anyone was crazy enough to think someone would marijuana delivered to a PO box, but they assured me some people had tried to have it done, but when I provided them my address, she told me they could make a marijuana delivery to that area. I was pleased & asked her how much it would cost. I learned their normal delivery fee was 10% of the cost of the order. I paid more than that for a tip at a eating establishment. I thought marijuana deliveries would be more pricey, & I was pleasantly surprised to find I was wrong. I have been using marijuana delivery services for many months now, & I have absolutely saved money by not going to the marijuana dispensary.


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