Why we love cannabis gummies

It’s tough knowing that this is pretty much the end for my ancient woman We’ve been through a lot together plus particularly the last few years.

But since Dad died after a long illness, my dad sort of went downhill pretty quick.

Thanks to my Dad treating her cancer with medical marijuana, I have been aware of the medical marijuana benefits in general, and now that my dad is in the end stages of her dementia, the medical cannabis is coming to the rescue once again. It’s tough enough knowing that your dad is about to reach the end of her life. But it’s even tougher seeing him fade away due to the dementia, then yet, it was nearly unbearable for me to watch him be so terrified when she was confused or didn’t know what was happening around him. That’s where the cannabis gummies have come into play. I’m happy to report that after navigating the cannabis rules, I got my dad access to the legal weed shop. And that’s just where she is able to get the cannabis products that help him with the dementia. It’s not that the medical marijuana benefits will reverse any of the effects of the dementia. But the cannabis products help dad relax plus there is no longer any terror in her eyep when he’s befuddled about what it absolutely happening to him. There are still spells where she is as lucid as she was when I was a kid plus she was looking after me. Thankfully, medical cannabis is helping me look after my dad so she can have a less frightening transition during her last days.


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