Welcoming marijuana business to our community

Things tend to take a while to get to our end of town.

I don’t know if that’s so much a socioeconomic thing or just the way it turns out.

Either way, I’m so glad that we have been able to welcome a new marijuana business to our business community. Our end of town is in the midst of some revitalization and I for one have been all in. I grew up in this part of town and came back to invest in these people and our community. I have a small business that caters to all walks of life and I feel really connected to both the people and the business community here. It’s different than some of the other places in our city and I’m happy about that. We are a diverse bunch with the same needs and wants as anywhere else in our city. But I think it’s this feeling of community that runs the deepest for all of us. So when the local cannabis spot opened it’s doors, I was one of the first in line. While I’m not big on recreational marijuana, I enjoy some sativa strains from time to time. No, the reason I was in line that day with all those who have an absolute passion for cannabis was to welcome them. As a member of the local business community, I wanted to be sure that they knew they had our support. The owners of this marijuana business were so gracious and pleased that I offered them this outreach and support. It’s great adding a local cannabis spot to this community. And I have to say it’s great to not have to drive across town for a few cannabis edibles anymore.

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