The cannabis weekend trip is a great time

Once every quarter or so it seems like a trip consistently comes at just the right time.

And I’m not just referring to the fact that our cannabis supply was getting low. No, the four afternoon trip to hunt for marijuana sales seems to come along just when we really want a cut and to just get out of town. Of course, Max and I like to take full on trips however these mini trips can also be just as refreshing and reinvigorating as the longer variety. And, we get to go to one of our favorite locales. The cannabis dispensary Max and I like to go to is just awesome. Not only do they appear to stock just about every kind of cannabis product imaginable, these folks are also just lovely people. They know that Max and I drive some five hours just to visit their marijuana business. Max and I joke that we’re just enjoying a trip to the local cannabis dispensary. Our home state had yet to legalize any form of cannabis product. That’s hopefully going to change as medical marijuana is back on the ballot again for our next election cycle. Max and I both use marijuana for anxiety and depression. It’s the only thing that has really ever made any changes for us. So until we have medical marijuana, we’ll be blissful to take our trip to this cool town and our far-away cannabis dispensary. And we make a long, four afternoon weekend out of the trip. The town where this cannabis spot resides is such a neat locale and full of things I enjoy and see. But Max and I also make sure that we cherish an appealing brunch outdoors after chopping a new acquired cannabis edible.

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