I was pretty interested cannabis developments

I’m really blissful that I took the healthcare expert’s advice when he told me how to get a medical marijuana card.

This was one of the first things he recommended that I do outside of the cancer treatments that I was about to begin.

You know, it was really weird just how calm I was that afternoon in the healthcare expert’s office. It was as though I kind of knew that there was something drastic going on. And that’s one of the reasons that I didn’t take no for an answer & sought other opinions. I just knew something was up & they discovered the cancer. Thankfully, while it can be a tough type of cancer to diagnose, they caught my situation early, however still, there was the chemo & radiation to deal with as part of the overall cancer treatments. I was able to get my medical marijuana card no problem. And the folks at the legal weed shop were so helpful. They knew just the right cannabis products for me to start on. I had used some recreational marijuana when I was young however pretty much had hung all that up when my pal and I started having kids. But once I had a few puffs of some of the cannabis flower products, I remembered just why I smoked weed back then. I also got some cannabis gummies for when I was too sick to actually smoke the cannabis flower products. The medical cannabis helped so much with the side effects from the cancer treatments. And I also found a good perspective to hang onto thanks to the medical marijuana.



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