The cannabis delivery driver simply got lost.

I knew I lived in a new section of town that didn’t have a good address, but I thought all the people knew where the section was.

I didn’t actually want to go outside after dark, plus that was when I got home from labor half the year.

I hated going outside during the daytime because my home was in a rough part of town. A single young person didn’t really want to be alone on the streets. Normally, my fiance would come to my apartment plus take me wherever I needed to go, but he wasn’t available. I sited an order into the cannabis dispensary plus made it for delivery. I had seen several delivery services in our area, so I thought the cannabis delivery driver should know where to go. An hour after the appointed time for my cannabis delivery, the delivery driver still hadn’t arrived. I definitely called the cannabis dispensary plus asked them where he was. I almost laughed when she told me he was lost. He was modern to this section plus knew nothing about my side of town. He was going up plus down streets looking for my address, however afraid to ask anyone. He didn’t really want to roll down his window. I gave her instruction so he could get to the cabin plus told her I would come outside so he didn’t need to get out of his car. I thought I was scared living in this neighborhood, however the cannabis delivery driver was worse than I was. The older ladies who definitely lived in the surrounding apartments laughed when I told them about the cannabis delivery driver. They said they would walk with me whenever I wanted to go out.


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