Learning so much about the benefits of cannabis

For sure, I’ve been curious about cannabis for the longest time.

I remember the first time I smelled it in the halls of my highschool.

I thought some sort of rope was on fire or something. My buddy had to inform me that this was indeed the smell of burning marijuana. These days, I realize the whatever weed that was back then, it sure wasn’t very good if it smelled like that. However, I was raised very conservatively and was taught to fear cannabis in any form. That fear lasted through college in fact. It got to the point where turning down recreational marijuana was like a default behavior. But that curiosity and fascination with cannabis products never went away. So when medical marijuana was first legalized, it prompted me to learn a bit more about it. I was so intrigued that I started going to cannabis dispensary events to learn even more. And I didn’t even have a medical marijuana card. Once the recreational marijuana bill was passed, I was ready to take my research to the experience mode. I have to say that I have been amazed by all the different new cannabis strains that I keep getting introduced to. While I’ve never been all that into wine or anything like that, I’m becoming a bit of a cannabis connoisseur. And I’m having the most fun because it’s not just about the marijuana. I’m meeting and enjoying so many people that also have such a newfound passion for marijuana. I’m just so glad that I didn’t ignore my curiosity but instead turned that curiosity toward knowledge and appreciation for cannabis.

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