Got a nice deal on marijuana recently

I had to run a bunch of errands fairly recently.

  • One thing that was on my list was going to the medical and recreational pot dispensary.

The dispensary near me has a fair amount of good deals on products. They have a special each and every Friday that includes getting a penny pre-roll for every $30 you choose to spend. You can get a penny pre-roll even if you take complete advantage of other sales and specials. The penny pre-roll is an added bonus that is only available on Fridays. I went to the laundromat and I washed and dried five loads of clothing including shoes, blankets, overcoats, and dog beds. I spent most of my day at the laundromat, but everything was washed, dried, and folded by the end of the day. I also went to the pharmacy to pick up a couple of different prescriptions. I looked at the medical and recreational marijuana dispensary menu on a dispensary’s website to see if anything was looking good. I saw a couple of pre-rolls that were new to me so I decided to go to the dispensary. There was a line of people waiting to go inside of the store. I didn’t even mind waiting for such a good deal on marijuana. When I got into the dispensary, I found out that they were having a special clearance sale. They had a long list of items that were available on clearance. If you bought an item from the list, you got to pick two items from the grab bin. I went for a gram of marijuana concentrate from the list and I ended up with two free items from the grab bin. One was a package of live resin edibles and the other free item was a whole eighth of marijuana flower.
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