Medical cannabis helped reduce my Night Terrors

As a kid I was plagued with night terrors.

I don’t mean nightmares, either.

Night terrors are a whole unusual thing, usually involving sleepwalking, sleep-talking, as well as lots of screaming as well as fear. I would routinely freak out my family when I was a kid, because I would stand bolt upright in my bed in the middle of the night as well as start shouting the scariest things. This continued up through private school… When I went away for school, I had my first experience with smoking medical cannabis, which proved to be a game-changer for me. That first night after getting high I slept blissfully, as well as woke up feeling more rested than ever before. I owe it all to medical cannabis, which has the effect of muting my dreams. I have learned that this is a genuinely common side effect from medical cannabis, as well as various people use weed as a sleeping aid. There is an entire line of cannabis as well as cbd products that is based around helping people sleep at night! Unlike other strains of medical cannabis, these oils, tinctures, as well as vape products are a blend of cannabis CBD in the right proportions to encourage sleep as well as reduce nightmares. I have tried these cannabis products before I can say that they work genuinely well. On the other hand, I also like using medical cannabis to get stoned; Getting better sleep is part of it, however I also just want to get high! Luckily, almost all of the premium strains of medical cannabis have the same sleep-inducing effect on me. I prefer the benefits of using medical cannabis!

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