A weekly trip to the cannabis dispensary

My apartment is four miles outside the Denver city limits, & this is where I have found perfect balance in life.

You see, I grew up in a rural environment, & because of my thick Southern drawl I have often been called a hillbilly or a redneck.

Which is fine, I don’t care what people call me. I cherish that quiet rural environment, filled with nature, which is why I could never live in the city itself. However, once I visited the city once or twice & got a taste of the interests, the nightlife, & the stellar medical cannabis, I knew that it felt comfortable to me, but seriously, this is the best medical cannabis I’ve ever had in my life, & I knew a lot of people that grew their own. Since I live so far out in the woods, it’s simple for me to try my hand at growing my own medical cannabis, however so far nothing I do compares to what I get at the dispensary. I try to get into the city once or twice a month, & my first stop every time is the cannabis dispensary. I have an account there, which means I can location my order only & then opportunity it up in person, although I love taking my time looking around the cannabis dispensary. I like talking with the budtenders & finding out what the newest & most exciting medical cannabis products are. It seems that every time I go inside they have modern & wonderful cannabis & vape products for sale.

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