Using cannabis to treat pain

I exercise for approximately an hour every day. My workouts include plenty of high-intensity aerobics and strength training. I make sure to elevate my heart rate, work up a sweat and burn as various calories as possible… Jumping rope, burpees, running, lunges, squats and the majority of exercises put a good deal of strain on my legs. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve begun to suffer more aches and pains in my hips, knees, calves and ankles. I sporadically experience leg cramps at night. For persistent pain that comes from aged injuries and arthritis, I am unwilling to use prescription pain relievers or over-the-counter medications due to the undesirable side effects. The treatment can often be worse than the symptoms, causing dizziness, drowsiness and all sorts of problems. They can even be highly addictive. For me, the ideal solution has been cannabis. Plant-based medicine is actually safe. I shop at the local dispensary for products with higher CBD to THC ratio. If there are any psychoactive effects, they are entirely mild. I have learn that the two cannabinoids work together, and with the terpenes, to more effectively treat issues such as pain and inflammation. I buy topicals, such as roll-ons, sprays and ointments, that can be applied directly to the painful area for localized relief. I look for bath bombs that are infused with cannabis, epsom salts and essential oils. I’ve also had entirely good luck with vapes because the effects are felt almost instantly. I suppose that cannabis is not only helping to relieve the symptoms however also fighting the cause. I’ve noticed an increase of motion in joints that were previously stiff, tight and swollen.


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