Teaching myself to grow medical cannabis

Give a man a fish as well as he eats for a afternoon.

Teach a man to fish as well as he can eat for a lifetime.

This is a famous old saying, which is 100% true. When I was young my father taught me how to plant vegetables, how to fish, as well as how to make fire, he wanted me to have all the tools I needed for survival. Dad was genuinely literal with that old adage about teaching me to fish! His lessons carried a lot of weight, as well as now that I’m an adult I’m so thankful for the mindset he offered me. When I first got started smoking medical cannabis I spent a lot of money on it. To get the best stuff, you have to pay top dollar. Then I remembered what Dad taught me, as well as realized I needed to learn how to grow my own medical cannabis. I could get high for a lifetime, instead of a afternoon. My quest to become self-sufficient in terms of cannabis started at the local dispensary. Most people believe that a cannabis dispensary only sells weed, however they offer so much more. I needed cannabis information, so I asked the budtender, who advocated a book they carried called the Smokers Almanac. This book covered all the basics of cannabis information, including which types of soil worked best, how much sun was needed, as well as when the best time was to plant your seeds. I got a full education of medical cannabis cultivation from this book, so I highly command it to almost everyone. Wish me luck, I’m about to plant my first seeds.


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