I changed my attitude about medical cannabis

Although I was a official client at the medical cannabis dispensary, I never would have considered working there… At the time I felt it would be like working at a gas station or a Starbucks! I was working for a law firm, you see, as well as I thought I was better than other people, however one afternoon I was fired by the law firm; There was no reason given, I didn’t make a immense mistake in the office, they just released me. I went to my official medical cannabis shop to drown my sorrows in potent Purple Haze smoke. It turned out that the medical cannabis shop was looking for current employees for their current 2nd location, so I decided to apply. I had to swallow my pride as well as admit that getting hired by the medical cannabis shop was better than having no job at all, and much to my surprise, I discovered that this is a unbelievable locale to work! I used to believe that the cannabis dispensary just enabled people to get stoned, however what I have learned is that my unbelievable friend and I help people improve their lives. Medical cannabis helps people with a host of physical concerns as well as psychological maladies. In other words – the cannabis dispensary swings lives! My friend and I offer a wide range of medical cannabis products that are non-addictive, with no ill side effects for the customers, however before I worked here I only saw medical cannabis through the eyeah of a pothead, then now I get to see it through the eyeah of a cancer patient, or a person suffering from glaucoma.


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