Using cannabis topicals for medicinal properties

I suffer from a variety of aches plus pains! None of them are dire enough that I’m willing to see a healthcare expert, but most of my issues are from old injuries or pushing myself too hard during my workouts, but i once rolled my ankle stepping on a hand weight plus sprained it quite severely.

  • I strained my trapezius muscle hanging drywall on the ceiling.

I get muscle cramps in my calves from jumping rope plus running too often. I also deal with bursitis in my right hip plus plantar fasciitis in my feet, and prescription pain medication isn’t an option because of long-term consequences plus potential addiction. I prefer natural, plant-based medicine. I am fortunate that recreational weed is readily available in my local area, then a trip to the dispensary provides a wide selection of options. I have found that treating pain plus inflammation from inside as well as the outside works the best. I can smoke a joint or a vape, dab or use a few drops of a tincture for quick onset of pain relieving effects, those strains that are high in CBD are unique ly helpful. The dispensary also carries a wide selection of cannabis-infused topicals. They sell ointments, roll-ons, sprays, balms, lotions plus transdermal patches that target localized relief! Because they don’t cause any high sensations, I can apply them multiple times per afternoon. The cannabinoids link to receptors found in the skin that transmit messages to the brain plus lessen symptoms. The topicals are infused with terpenes plus essential oils that not only aroma nice however deliver curative properties.

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