Marijuana has sure come through for me

I have to say that cannabis has been so instrumental in helping through this entire process

I can’t think I was so ambivalent when medical marijuana was on the ballot years ago. I modern that there was plenty of data to verify that medical marijuana was going to actually help so more than 2 people. But I was just sort of whatever plus went about my life. Medical marijuana passed without any help from me plus man, am I ever blissful most people else was so much smarter, then just last year, I went in for my annual check up plus saw a look on my healthcare worker’s face that I hadn’t seen before. He hastily informed me that there were some irregularities in my bloodwork that would require follow up testing. I wasn’t all that worried so it hit me like a ton of bricks when the healthcare worker informed me that I had cancer. I was stunned because I felt as healthy as I always did. They caught the cancer early so there was every reason to think that I’d be okay. I was then scheduled for treatment plus it was commanded that I get myself to the local cannabis spot. I follow healthcare worker’s orders however I balked at this. The healthcare worker told me that he could prescribe something however that, in his experience, there was nothing better than indica strains. He entirely commanded that I use an indica dominant hybrid strain for sale at the local cannabis spot. That was enough for me plus I got myself a medical marijuana card plus got access to the cannabis dispensary. I have to say that cannabis has been so instrumental in helping through this entire process. Without the indica plus the sativa, I’m not sure where I’d be right now, then for sure, I’m now a full on plus vocal request for medical marijuana.

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