Living each moment thank to marijuana

I feel most of us can get so completely caught up in things that entirely just don’t matter.

That’s difficult to realize when you’re fully in the grip of whatever event, task or relationship seems so instantly essential.

Too often, I have spent so much energy plus effort with situations that are just actually out of my control. The thing that cannabis actually got me to thinking about was just what was so important that I needed to be tied up out all the time. There was so much stress, constant hobby plus effort in my life that I was simply dragging myself around each day. Before I started going to see the local cannabis spot, I was not linked to the moment in any real plus sizable sort of way. It felt as though the only thing that mattered was being busy. That should have been the first yellow flag for me. The fact was that I just couldn’t sit alone with my thoughts. That’s where hybrid strains of sativa plus indica products have actually made a difference. Sometimes, I use just straight sativa strains as they tend to help me stick right inside the moment I’m in without getting out of it. The sativa dominant hybrid strains are actually more my go to later in the day as they also offer a enjoyable body feel as well. But the main benefit for me whether using orange dream or OG Kush is the fact that I’m not afraid to be in each moment. I’m not trying to figure out how to manipulate a certain outcome however rather just fantastic with living my life as it comes to me. I’m just so thankful that both medical marijuana plus recreational marijuana are legal where I live.


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