Finding relief from arthritis pain with cannabis

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve noticed occasional stiffness and swelling in my fingers. I am actually suffering from the onset of arthritis. The pain is just severe enough to make particular tasks difficult; Knitting, braiding my hair, pulling weeds and typing on my kindle can be a problem. I also paint as a activity and holding the paintbrush for long periods of time was uncomfortable. Since my task requires approximately eight hours of laptop work, five afternoons per week, I can’t let arthritis hinder my livelihood. I considered different types of arthritis medications. I researched and found that the side-effects were far worse than a bit of joint pain. I then found various success stories from people who had turned to cannabis as a remedy. Since cannabis is a plant-based medicine, it has none of the adverse consequences of synthetic medicine! CBD, in particular, has proven successful as a treatment for inflammation and chronic pain. Full-spectrum CBD products include trace amounts of other cannabinoids, such as THC and CBN, that combine into what’s called the entourage effect. I learn up on different products, consumption methods and strains before visiting the dispensary. I wanted to be prepared, and despite my research, I was thankful for the knowledge and assistance of the budtender. She was willing to explain numerous options and provide recommendations. I use a combination of cannabis-infused topicals and cannabis infused beverages. I am amazed at the improvement. I barely notice any stiffness or swelling anymore. The topicals cause no psychoactive effects. The beverages are so low in THC that I don’t even notice a mild buzz.

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